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From a private seller: for selling your vessel, we earn 10% commission (50.000 € or $ min). If you find your own buyer, we don’t receive any commission. Marine Project only accepts and represents vessels valued at 0,5 Million $ or € or more, we take our own photos, video and inventory of features and items onboard.

From a commercial (Bank, Charter, Leasing) seller: Please leave your contact details and we will get back to you shortly.

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Marine Project is the leading portal for yacht sale with new, used, sailing, power, and superyachts. With our database, you can find yachts for sale, with new, used, sailing, power and super yachts for sale. Would you like to offer a yacht for sale, boats, yachts, used boats, used yachts, boats for sale, yachts for sale, boating, yachting, sailing,  boat, yacht, yachts, powerboats, new yachts on Marine Project?  Would you like to be listed in our list your used yacht for sale?

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