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Sustainable yachting

Slowing down global warming is the greatest challenge of this century. Industry, mobility and the way we eat are facing huge upheavals. In this section, we, bundle the most important articles from Marine Project on the climate crisis.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness have become increasingly important issues in almost all industries. One industry that has seen a significant shift in sustainability is the maritime industry. Ports and marinas near the coast have increasingly realized that they need to rethink their practices to keep the surrounding waters clean and healthy.

The yachting industry is making great efforts to reduce its environmental footprint through new, innovative technologies and green initiatives aimed at cleaning up our oceans, reducing fuel consumption and preserving our planet for future generations. It is imperative that the entire industry, from shipyards to designers, engineers and charter companies, work together to protect the oceans and marine environment and implement sustainable solutions.

It is common for yacht owners to drive an electric car to their boat. In the near future, their private planes could also be electric. So it’s no surprise that environmental sustainability is the main topic for superyachts.


Doing business sustainably can also be financially rewarding. Five tips on how to make money with green ideas

Tip 1: Reduce your energy costs Switching to more sustainability can also be done in small steps. A good first step is to reduce energy consumption on the farm. An energy consultant is indispensable for this. In many countries, energy counseling is subsidized with up to 8o percent of the counseling costs.

Tip 2: Sell waste heat. Waste heat often accumulates in energy-intensive companies. Instead of discharging it unused, it can almost always be used sensibly, and at a profit. For example, to heat your own premises or other buildings, or even an entire outdoor swimming pool. It is much more expensive to convert waste heat into electricity or to connect the company to the district heating network.

What convinces consumers as customers ultimately also helps in the B2B sector: give your business partners something good to pass on to their customers. “Everyone benefits from this. Example: Hotels that want to set themselves apart from the competition with a good breakfast. Organic bread rolls and delivery by e-car come in handy.

Tip 3: Save on CO2 tax Since 2021, companies have to pay 25 euros per tonne of CO2 when they sell fossil fuels. Petrol and diesel will thus become more expensive. If you don’t switch to e-cars, you will have to pay a lot more in the future.

Tip 4: Win tenders, sustainability is playing a role in more and more public and private sector tenders. The Federal Environment Agency, for example, points out that environmental criteria must be included in the tender specifications. If you present a convincing concept, you have a much better chance than a competitor who does not care about the environment.

Tip 5: Use sustainability as a sales argument Do good and talk about it – this also applies to ecologically working companies. Give interviews, give lectures and establish contacts with like-minded entrepreneurs. In addition, publicise your progress in social networks, on the company website and in the customer magazine. All this helps you to stand out from competitors and become better known. When it comes to sustainability, many consumers are much further ahead than you think.

Sustainability also includes social and economic issues. You can find more information and food for thought here:


Sustainable yachting

New Tourism Tax in Seychelles

The Seychelles Ministry has just announced the exciting launch of a groundbreaking Tourism Environmental Sustainability Levy, set to take effect on August 1st, 2023.

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Sustainable yachting

Revolution of Sustainable Luxury Yachts

Combining all the symbols of status in a single location, the world’s wealthiest individuals engage in a competition to determine whose yacht will be the most extravagantly equipped. And, quite notably, they are deeply interested in its level of “sustainability.”

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Sustainable yachting

Sunreef 80 Eco Wins The German Innovation Award

Sunreef Yachts inform that the Sunreef 80 Eco has won the German Innovation Award 2023. As an outstanding innovation achievement, the luxury eco-catamaran received an award in the Excellence in Business 2 Consumer category.

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Life style and Events

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous 2023

The 3rd Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous is set to take place September 24-25, bringing together key players in the marina and yachting sectors to design, innovate and build an ecosystem investing in smart and sustainable solutions in marinas.

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