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We support companies and institutions from the private, public and social sectors
in key changes - in partnership and close cooperation.

Borders and trade barriers are disappearing, customer flows are shifting, and new economic powers are emerging. In recent years, there have been many serious changes in the industry. In addition, issues such as sustainability have become increasingly important to our customers. Such developments can raise questions among business owners about how to deal with the changing requirements. Marine Project can help you answer such questions to be successful in the future.

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We work with social sector and government organizations to improve the lives of citizens.

Experts in Urban Development
Professor Dr. Heiner Haass: Experience and expertise from over 35 years of practice and from over 150 international marina projects. Internationally active as Chairman in Recreational Committee of PIANC and is President of the International Association of Boat Experts, Speaker at International congresses, e.g. ICOMIA International Marina Conference.


Urban development on the waterfront offers many communities the chance to develop in an attractive and economically interesting way. Our approach is holistic, i.e. we combine architecture, urban planning, tourism, economic development and environmental planning into a convincing concept.


Water tourism is a booming tourism sector in which you can participate through a developed network of nautical infrastructure. Therefore, we consider your project in connection with tourist waterways and regional attractions. Our unique experience profile combines architecture, urban planning, tourism, economics and environmental planning to create sustainable tourism concepts that benefit residents and visitors.


The professional planning of marinas includes not only berths, but also technical service, supply and disposal, sanitary facilities, winter service and safety precautions. In addition, marinas are nowadays no longer just “ship parking areas”, but must also include high-quality gastronomic and tourist offers in order to become waterfront experience spaces that can be used all year round.


We have experience of all aspects of bidding, tendering and procurement, gained across multiple international markets: Bid strategy, Strategy reviews, Understanding client requirements, Bid reviews, Bid writing, Stakeholder engagement, Mobilisation / implementation of new contract, Risk reviews and project reporting, In-contract changes

Environmental and social sustainability

Is there an alternative economic system to capitalism? Find out about this new movement based on human relationships.

Experts in Common good
Anna Isabell Hauser: Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business and Marketing Studies, Dilp. Business economist, Project manager at various Publishing houses.
Sustainability and environmental friendliness have become increasingly important issues in almost all industries. One industry that has seen a significant shift in sustainability is the maritime industry. Ports and marinas near the coast have increasingly realized that they need to rethink their practices to keep the surrounding waters clean and healthy.
If sustainability is more important to you than greed for profit, we will show you how you can be successful with the common good economy.
Post-growth: More customers, more turnover, satisfied employees. Companies usually strive for growth. We tell you why you should no longer do this and how you can be successful differently.
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility If your company is committed to society and environmental protection, you can use your commitment for targeted marketing and thus win customers.

Companies that avoid waste can not only save money. Companies can score points with customers and their team.

Non-profit organisations and civil society provide important impulses for the democratic development of a society. From anti-discrimination to equal rights to moral courage – NPOs and civil society actors represent the “good cause”. However, in order to win over political decision-makers and the public for their own concerns and issues, strategic lobbying is needed.
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