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Do good and talk about it

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility If your company is committed to society and environmental protection, you can use your commitment for targeted marketing and thus win customers.
We at Marine Project show you how it works.

The CSR spectrum is wide, from climate-friendly production to social aspects such as job security and work-life balance to support for international and regional social projects.

Sustainable business is gaining in importance. Larger companies with 500 or more employees are already required by law to regularly submit a CSR report.

Do good and talk about it – communicate your activities so convincingly that your business benefits from them.

We advise you on what is important to align your own company with sustainability and to go public with it.


Take stock

Sustainability is a very complex issue. It is a cross-section of environmental, social, and societal issues. First of all, you need to collect information. Are there figures on C02 emissions, and energy consumption? How does your company stand on social and ecological aspects? What are the opportunities and risks of making changes for more corporate responsibility? Once we at Marine Project have an inventory, we can develop a meaningful strategy.

Set goals

The next step is to set targets, for example, to reduce CO2 sensibly and quickly. Further, areas are sought in which sustainability standards can be achieved for the benefit of the company and its employees. Setting goals unites all participants and company divisions on the way to becoming a CSR company. Goals are the prerequisite for developing structured processes for implementation.

Aim for a standard

Once the starting points and goals have been set, it’s time for implementation. Who in the team is responsible? By when should the goals be achieved? How will success be measured? For many measurable aspects, such as heat energy and electricity tariffs, the usual processes can be initiated with goal > measure > success control. For social aspects, implementation can be somewhat more difficult. But here, too, recognized standards and evaluation methods such as the Sustainability Code can help.

Create transparency

CRS companies are often accused of greenwashing. How can this be avoided? It sounds banal, but: You should be serious, only then you are authentic. Credibility can be increased if companies have transparent quality controls in their CRS efforts and also communicate these.

Marine Project guides you on the way out of greed and into better business.

Sustainable yachting

Bali 5.8: Setting New Standards in Luxury

The Bali 5.8 sets a new benchmark in luxury catamarans, showcasing the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation and elegance. With its impressive length of 58 feet and a beam of 29 feet 8 inches, this majestic sailing catamaran offers an abundance of space for relaxation and entertainment.

Beach Club & Restaurants

Cooper Island Beach Club Eco-Resort

Nestled along the pristine sandy northwest shore of Cooper Island, the family-owned Cooper Island Beach Club invites discerning travelers to experience a unique blend of eco-conscious luxury and natural splendor.

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