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Lobbying for civil society and for you

Non-profit organisations and civil society provide important impulses for the democratic development of a society. From anti-discrimination to equal rights to moral courage – NPOs and civil society actors represent the “good cause”. However, in order to win over political decision-makers and the public for their own concerns and issues, strategic lobbying is needed.

Marine Project, therefore, shows how NPOs and civil society can design strategies and communication for successful lobbying and effectively represent interests.


You need a lobbyist – we are there for you.

Marine Project “Lobbying for good”

5 tips for your political engagement

01.Get to know politicians

In politics, the people who represent the majority are the ones who are heard. To find out more about public opinion or to draw attention to problems, companies can, for example, organise panel discussions on “their” topics and invite business partners and citizens. This is a good way to find out what other opinions there might be.

Politicians usually know that medium-sized companies in particular are important employers. That is why they are open to their problems. And they are the decisive lever to carry demands into the city councils and state parliaments. The lower the political level, for example at the municipal level, the easier they are to reach for citizens. Most politicians offer personal office hours, which are published on their websites. So don’t be afraid to contact elected representatives and meet them in person. After a first meeting, it is worthwhile to invite the politicians to your company premises. This will make it easier for you to present and justify your political demands.

02. Make added value clear

If you make demands on politicians, you should be able to justify them well and explain how a change you initiate will also benefit the community. Example: What is the added value of the new bypass for the citizens? Why is the expansion of the mobile phone network worthwhile for the whole city? And: Where would the damage be done if the status quo were to be maintained? By making the costs and benefits transparent and comprehensible to others, and by publishing them, it is more convincing.

03. Find allies

You are probably not the only one who wants to see enough kindergarten places or faster internet in the city. Look for allies. Other entrepreneurs can do that

04. Win media partners

Media can be crucial multipliers for your political cause. Contact local newspapers and advertising journals to draw attention to your cause. Or trade media that are important in your own sector. Editors may be stressed, but they are also always on the lookout for interesting topics.

05. Involve experts

Research whether there are already studies, research or expert opinions on your political topic that support your concern. Companies can also commission their own expert opinions or research work from lawyers, natural scientists or social scientists, for example, although this can cost several thousand euros. The advantage, however, is that external experts increase credibility and make it easier for politicians to support your cause.

Marine Project guides you on the way out of greed and into better business.

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