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Sustainable action makes your company permanently profitable

Post-growth: More customers, more turnover, satisfied employees. Companies usually strive for growth. We tell you why you should no longer do this and how you can be successful differently.

Post-growth the basic idea behind it: Your company should function without growth. After all, faster, higher, further is causing natural resources such as oil and gas to dwindle and destroying the environment. The Club of Rome warned of the consequences of unrestrained economic growth as early as 1972.

For post-growth companies, less is more. For ours, economic success and moderation are not mutually exclusive. Refrain from growth at any price, keep the number of employees more or less constant and even reduce your range of products. Make long-lasting products around buy regionally and save energy. In the short and medium term, you will be better off than your competitors.




Paths to post-growth

Often the change begins with small steps. Here are some general suggestions where you as an entrepreneur can start.

Less output, more quality.

See which products or services you can offer with less, but higher quality. The advantage is that you can then charge higher prices. You gain more time to take care of your customers more intensively. This will also increase the satisfaction of your team.

Limit fossil mobility.

Convert your fleet to electric vehicles. Shop locally. Inner-city errands can be transported with cargo bikes. Whether suppliers, customers or business partners, try to limit your business activities regionally. These activities strengthen identification with the homeland and the economic power of your own region.

Use durable materials

Use durable high-quality materials that wear out less quickly. Post-growth is double the useful life halved the demand. If less is produced, CO2 emissions and personnel costs are also reduced.

Educate customers.

Think about how you can also get your customers to limit themselves. Just like energy suppliers do when they get their customers to save electricity.

Marine Project guides you on the way out of greed and into better business.

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