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Restaurant ZORI, Palmizana

Discover the ultimate hedonistic experience

Indulge your senses in a culinary journey like no other at “Zori,” where Mediterranean cuisine transforms into a symphony of flavors, and every dish tells a timeless story of passion and perfection.

ZORI’s menu is a treasure trove of top-quality ingredients, fresh sustainable produce, organic meat specialties, and local fish, creating a paradise for your taste buds. Nestled near the sea in the enchanting Vinogradišće Bay on the core island of the Pakleni Islands, Zori offers a dining experience that blends fine cuisine with the untouched beauty of nature.

At Zori, we weave timeless tales on each plate, a symphony of flavors inspired by tradition, nature, and our unwavering commitment to crafting unforgettable gourmet moments. Every dish is a chapter in the story of indulgence, where passion meets perfection, and each bite is a celebration of life's extraordinary flavors.

Zori, take pride in sourcing organic meat specialties from the renowned Rhua Estate in the UK, owned by Lord Newborough, a recipient of the Royal Warrant by HRH Prince Charles. This exclusive collaboration makes Zori the sole restaurant in Croatia to serve this exceptional organic meat alongside Aberdeen Angus beef, lamb, bison, and chicken. Your choice may be difficult, but rest assured, there is no wrong one!

The Adriatic Sea’s sensational quality fish and seafood take center stage on menu, offering a daily catch of scampi and Dalmatian specialties that will leave an indelible mark on your taste buds. The vibrant taste of fresh seafood at its finest ensures that you’ll return to Zori every time.

And when you believe it can’t get any better, desserts will elevate your experience to new heights. Treat yourself to outstanding chocolate soufflé or the refreshing Hvar’s bitter orange and lemon tart. Don’t miss signature Semifreddo dish, a magical blend of roasted almonds, lavender, and Prošek, capturing the essence of this idyllic island.

Under the culinary expertise of owner and chef Iva Tomlinovic, alongside the talented Chef Siniša Jevremović, Zori’s kitchen marries traditional cooking practices with a contemporary creative twist. Each dish is a masterpiece, presented with refined, minimalist elegance, and tells a story that resonates with the colorful and delicious palette of flavors from Croatia’s finest ingredients.

Zori is not just a restaurant; it’s a manifestation of our evolving food philosophy, inspired by tradition, the spectacular surrounding nature, and Zoris commitment to creating unforgettable gourmet moments. Every dish on menu is crafted with love and care, offering a sensory journey that awakens all of your senses.


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