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Sunset Beach Club, Dubrovnik

A harmonious blend of nature-inspired design and delectable Mediterranean flavors

Nestled just 2.5 kilometers away from the historic Old Town of Dubrovnik, the Beach Club Sunset in Lapad Bay emerges as a haven of tranquility against the stunning backdrop of sea and sky. A harmonious blend of nature-inspired design and delectable Mediterranean flavors, this beach club promises an idyllic day-to-night experience.

Perched perfectly at the waterfront with sweeping views of the renowned Lapad Bay, the Beach Bar invites you to savor the quietude of early morning coffee, indulge in a leisurely afternoon cocktail with friends, or treat your kids to delightful ice cream and cake. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or a casual brunch, the Beach Bar offers a serene atmosphere to unwind by the sea.

Where every sunrise is a promise, every sunset a masterpiece, and every moment is an immersive blend of nature's serenity, Mediterranean delights, and the perfect harmony of day-to-night magic.

Step into Blanco, the newly established restaurant that embodies a seamless blend of traditional and modern influences. Specializing in meat and fish specialties with a Mediterranean flair, Blanco presents a menu that caters to diverse tastes. From healthy breakfast options to tantalizing brunch selections and delightful dinner choices, Blanco invites you to savor a full day of culinary exploration. Explore our rich wine list and indulge in a selection of cigars for a truly immersive dining experience.

As the day unfolds, bask in the magical day-to-night experience offered by Beach Club Sunset. Relax on sunbeds and cabanas, soaking up the sun or enjoying a tranquil moment beneath the shade.

Indulge in a multisensory dining experience featuring Mediterranean cuisine and signature cocktails, all while savoring the most perfect sunset view in Dubrovnik. From the first quiet morning coffee to laid-back family lunches, and long afternoons with cocktails on a sunbed, Beach Club Sunset invites you to embrace each moment.

As night falls, the ambiance transforms into a haven for those seeking a chill atmosphere beneath the stars. Groove to perfect DJ tunes, enjoy the company of friends, and relish the enchanting night with signature cocktails in hand.

Beach Club Sunset in Dubrovnik offers more than just a beachside retreat; it’s a destination where nature, gastronomy, and ambiance converge to create an unforgettable experience. Come, escape the ordinary, and immerse yourself in the serene beauty and vibrant culture of this Adriatic gem.


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