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Developments in Croatian Nautical Tourism for 2024 Season

Croatia’s eastern coast along the Adriatic Sea remains an irresistible draw for boaters in search of secluded bays and vibrant cityscapes. With ongoing infrastructural expansions, the region is primed to offer an even more captivating nautical experience in the coming year. From extended piers to upgraded services and the introduction of brand-new marinas, here’s a glimpse into the latest offerings:

Nestled in the serene northern expanse of Pula Bay, Marina Polesana epitomizes modern maritime luxury. Boasting 400 sea berths and 42 on land, alongside a comprehensive suite of amenities including laundry facilities, a nautical boutique, and a formidable 200-ton crane, this marina sets a new benchmark for excellence. Additionally, the forthcoming debut of the “Mon Luxury Heritage” hotel promises to elevate guest experiences to unprecedented levels of opulence.

At the forefront of Croatia’s maritime resurgence, the ambitious transformation of Rijeka’s Porto Baroš heralds a golden era of luxury. With plans underway for a lavish marina accommodating yachts of up to 19 meters in length, this visionary endeavor, spearheaded by Croatian maritime giant ACI and the esteemed Lürssen Group, is poised to redefine luxury along the Adriatic coastline.

Celebrating its illustrious 60th anniversary, Marina Punat on Krk Island stands tall as one of the Adriatic’s oldest and largest marinas. Recent enhancements include the addition of a state-of-the-art restaurant and the introduction of a colossal 540-ton travel lift, a first of its kind in Croatia.

Perched on the vulnerable Velebit coast, the former fishing haven of Klenovica faced the brunt of the formidable Bora winds. To ensure the safety of vessels in the area, two sturdy piers have been erected since 2022. Further bolstering safety measures, the municipal harbor at Klenovica underwent expansion in 2023, transitioning into a marina-like facility equipped with modern amenities and moorings, with plans for sanitary facilities slated for 2024.

The picturesque harbor of Sali, nestled in the southeastern enclave of Dugi Otok, exudes coastal charm and sophistication. Recent infrastructure upgrades and the addition of new berths beckon travelers to embark on a journey of discovery amidst the island’s pristine shores and crystalline waters.

In the southwest of Šolta island lies the enchanting anchorage bay of Šešula, a haven for boaters seeking solace amidst nature’s splendor. Plans are underway for the construction of a small marina with 70 berths and sanitary facilities, nestled beneath the popular hillside restaurant “Šišmiš.” Anticipated to commence in spring, the new floating dock aims to welcome its first guests in the 2024 season, promising an unrivaled maritime experience.

As Croatia’s Adriatic coastline continues to evolve, each port of call unveils a new chapter in the nation’s rich maritime heritage, beckoning travelers to set sail and explore its captivating shores.


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