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All you need to know about luxury yacht charter


Our task is simple – make people happy!

Every one of us in the Marine Project team is giving our best to make our clients happy. So, the luxury charter is all about your happiness. A holiday on a luxury yacht means fulfilling your dreams, making memories. A luxury vacation on a yacht charter offers complete luxury, privacy, and security. They are designed by the best marine architects and look like floating villas equipped with state-of-the-art safety, security, and entertainment technologies. You can enjoy all of that comfort far away from the curious public eyes.

Your crew is multitalented and highly discreet. Unlike in resorts, you do not need to share your staff with others. They are often made up of highly trained chefs who have gained knowledge in cooking in the most prestigious restaurants, personal trainers, masseurs, nurses, nannies, hairdressers, diving instructors, etc.

The luxury yacht offers truly everything, depending on your wishes. If you want peace, the yacht is an ideal place for peaceful sunsets with your favorite book. For children, the luxury charter is the best vacation, they will be animated by a crew, learn to dive, surf, ride a slide and enjoy all water toys that a luxury yacht can possibly offer. Obviously, some of these toys are not just for small children, for example, lift foil, Hammocraft, inflatable racing boat, Seabreacher, Platypus, surfboard, etc.

The luxury yacht is ideal for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, business successes. Invite your friends and family to our floating villa and enjoy sipping cold champagne overlooking some of the most beautiful coasts, beaches or islands under the starry sky. Luxury yachts can offer an experience beyond the boundaries of luxury, a vacation on a luxury yacht is the ultimate escape from the reality of life and allows you, your family and friends to enjoy in exotic destinations.

Your adventure will be carefully tailored by your charter broker and captain so as to surpass all your expectations. Regardless of your dreams, renting a luxury yacht is a perfect way to make long-lasting memories.


How to charter a luxury yacht – private yacht charters

The Professional Charter Brokers of the Marine Project team have all the resources needed to find you a boat that meets all of your standards and make your vacation unforgettable. Marine Project charter brokers aim to make your luxury experience as perfect as possible, therefore we bring you the information that is crucial for the perfect yacht charter vacation and that you need to know before each charter.

What kind of yacht charter vacation are you planning?

Very important information for your charter broker, what kind of vacation you are planning. The possibilities are infinite. Holidays with children, romantic holidays, research, medical, adventurous, business. If you want a relaxing break, the broker will find you the perfect luxury yacht with more deck space, with a dinghy on the deck, masseurs among the crew. If you want to be more active, the broker will find you a yacht with a handful of water toys. Keep in mind that the use of some water toys can be limited to certain cruising areas.

Yacht holidays Destinations

A key thing in choosing a luxury boat. There are two major seasons for sailing, winter in the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the summer in the Mediterranean. Every year, more and more yachts are offered in new and exciting destinations such as Antarctica or Southeast Asia. The destination depends on whether you want to remember the abandoned landslide, explore the ruins, visit the islands, explore different cultures or have fun with the world elite.

The cost of chartering a superyacht explained

Marine Project team has access to luxury yachts from 20,000 Euros to those that cost millions, so your budget will influence your wishes. What is important to know is that the prices of a large number of yachts are listed in their base price, to which the „APA“ and„VAT“ are additional extras. If you want to rent a luxury yacht for less than 7 days, the prices are calculated by dividing the weekly price by 6 and multiplying by the number of days you want to rent it.

APA – Advance Provisioning Allowance

The charter fee includes the fully equipped yacht and your professional crew. Expenses are additional and are incorporated into payment in the form of the APA. This is the estimated cost to cover operating expenses and is estimated at 20-40% of the charter fee, although it will usually be less if your party dines ashore a lot or does not use a lot of fuel. The captain will be responsible for accounting for all expenses in the form of receipts. Should you spend more than your estimated expense allowance; the additional will be collected throughout your charter. Likewise, any remainder of the expense allowance will be refunded at the end of your charter.

VAT – Value Added Tax

The VAT will depend upon your itinerary and the country where you will embark. Spanish VAT is 21%. Full Italian VAT is 22%, French VAT is 20% – if the itinerary will include cruising in international waters, reduced VAT will be applicable: 6,6% for yachts over 24m to 8,8% for yachts under 24m in Italy, and 10% in France. In Greece the VAT is 9,6% (international waters) or 12% (only Greek waters), for charters up to 48h the VAT is 24%.
In Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey normally no VAT is applying.

Number of guests on a Crewed Superyacht

For most charter yacht, the maximum number of charter guests allowed by law is 12, unless the yacht is legally licensed to accommodate over 12 passengers cruising. It is important for us to know if there are couples/singles, staff, and the ages of your party to help determine what cabin layout may be most suitable

Appropriate Crew Gratuity

Tip for the crew is completely at the charterers discretion. Your charter professional can help guide you on what may be appropriate. We may recommend a gratuity between 5 – 15% of the base charter rate only, not including expenses. The tip will dictate your satisfaction with the crew’s performance while on board and always appreciated. Many clients use leftover funds from the APA towards the tip. We may recommend wiring the tip to escrow in advance to avoid delay and carrying a large amount of cash while you travel. However, it can be presented with cash, leftover APA, or bank wire transfer with details provided by your charter professional.

Yacht Charter Contract Explained

Most yachts cruising within international waters utilize a standardized agreement sponsored by the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association (MYBA). An alternate standard agreement for American flagged vessels may include the American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA). These charter agreements are recognized on a global basis and created to represent all parties upholding the highest of ethical and technical standards.


Discretion and confidentiality are of the upmost importance amongst the charter professionals at Marine Project. We take your privacy seriously. If deemed appropriate, we can also provide confidentiality agreements to the Captain and crew should all parties agree.

Delivery Fee

Depending on your itinerary and yachts availability, delivery or re-delivery fee may be included in the expenses. This is typically an expense your charter professional works to avoid but occasionally your preferred yacht may need to reposition in order to cruise your chosen destination. This fee will be advised and agreed upon before the signing of any contracts and shown on the contract as a delivery fee.

The booking process explained

Once you have agreed on a yacht, price and charter terms, your Charter Specialist will send you charter agreements for your review. Typically the first installment will include 50% of the base rate and required upon signature on or before a specified due date. The 2nd installment is typically due 5 weeks prior to departure and will include the remaining 50% of the base fee plus all expenses. Note that the yacht will not be confirmed until the signed contracts and the first installment has been received.

Your Charter Specialist will send you detailed instructions along with Preference Sheets…the fun part! We recommend the preferences are filled in approximately 6 weeks prior to your charter embarkation to ensure the crew can prepare efficiently.

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