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Marine Project is your specialist for the purchase and sale of companies in the yacht sector – 100% confidential and discreet.

Numerous entrepreneurs are looking for investors, successors or buyers. On the interested party side, just as many financially strong and experienced private individuals as well as companies and investors are looking for interesting companies for sale. The difficulty lies in finding the ideal partners for both sides. With our services specialised in the water sports sector and our continuously maintained and updated company portfolio, we improve the transparency of the market and simplify the initial search, which benefits both buyers and sellers.


In most cases, the search for suitable investors, buyers or successors is a process that is very time-consuming and does not forgive mistakes. Marine Project advises and accompanies you personally through the entire process of company succession or a possible sale. From the determination of the maximum but marketable sales price, the preparation of meaningful documents to the identification and verification of the suitable buyer, investor or successor.


For existing business ideas and concepts, the succession in or acquisition of shares of an already established company is often suitable. Marine Project has a broad portfolio of companies from the maritime sector that are looking for the right investor or successor and offer attractive investment and succession concepts. We advise you personally in the search and identification of the best solutions for your ideas and goals.


As the only M&A specialist for nautical companies, Marine Project has the most extensive and most visited company exchange platform on the maritime market. Besides a high volume of enquiries, this is particularly confirmed by the high number of visitors and clicks. After all, what sense does it make to offer your company for sale if nobody sees it. Marine Project advises you in detail and creates an eye-catching online presentation for maximum reach and visibility.


The organic extension or expansion of your own company can cost valuable time and a lot of money in daily competition. Under the right circumstances, the acquisition of or participation in companies or their subdivisions can be the much better alternative. Are you planning to expand your range of products or services, do you need to secure your competitiveness or would you like to enter new markets? Marine Project provides you with comprehensive and goal-oriented advice for your ventures.

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