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Have you often dreamed of owning a beautiful yacht and experiencing unforgettable moments on the water?

The following is a simple guide to how you might soon be able to make this wish come true:

The future owner buys a new boat and entrusts the management to a yacht charter company of his choice. Based on the chosen charter concept, the owner can usually use the yacht privately for 6 and up to 12 weeks per year. The higher the flexibility of the owner, the higher the possible return on investment. Outside the privately used weeks the charter company takes care of the charter of his yacht. Here the principle applies: the more attractive the location and the weeks remaining for chartering out, the higher profits can be achieved with the owner model. Ideally, the yacht should therefore be chartered out at a port that is in high demand. Apart from the income generated from the charter business, a very important advantage is that a good charter company takes care of all related tasks, such as administration, accounting, maintenance and cleaning of the yacht. The yacht is kept ready for departure at all times and is checked at regular intervals by marine technicians. Often good charter companies are characterized by the fact that they also have appropriate moorings at the locations in demand.

The choice of the right yacht is as important as the choice of the right location. A good charter broker knows his target group and customers very well, so that it is advisable to get detailed advice from him. Do you primarily expect the highest possible income from chartering out or is your priority more on the highest possible availability of your yacht for private use? Without forgetting the requirements for successful charter business, your manager will develop the best concept for you and suggest appropriate yachts. Established and reputable providers often have very good contacts to shipyards which, with the right negotiating skills, can offer interesting purchase conditions. In many cases you will also be offered interesting financing models tailored to the owner, which will make life as a yacht owner untroubled and carefree. Everything from one source usually saves a lot of time, work, and often unnecessary additional costs.

Regarding the charter income different yacht management models are available in the market. These range from hire-purchase system, guaranteed income to completely free solutions in which the owner’s share is paid out monthly. When choosing the right partner, absolute transparency and traceability are the highest precept. Depending on the programme, availability for charter and periods of private use are determined with the owner. The owner should have unrestricted access to reservations, completed charters, any maintenance work and current charter income at all times. For further information and details, please contact your trusted charter manager.

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