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Meet our Executive Team. Specialists in Yacht-Charter, Sales and Marinas
Meet our Executive Team. Specialists in Yacht-Charter, Sales and Marinas

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    Croatia - Island of Vis

    This tiny Croatian island gets star billing the Mamma Mia sequel. And, with beautiful beaches, 17th-century architecture and great seafood restaurants, it’s easy to see why

    The island of Vis is a pearl among Croatian Adriatic islands, left untouched by the development of tourism for so many years – due to its strategic location on the open sea, it served as a military zone for many years.

    Komiza town

    Here are the top things you can check in Island Vis

    • main town which also has a name VIS
    • smaller but super beautiful village Komiža.
    • Vineyards
    • military base
    • small island Biševo
    • Blue Cave – very famous
    • Green Cave
    • Stončica bay
    • Stivina Bay

    Vis Island is home to Stiniva Beach, awarded by European Best Destinations, as one of the best beaches in Europe. Stiniva beach is an almost completely obscured white pebble cove flanked by two towering cliffs with a small opening out to sea. It is a sight to behold and part of what makes it so captivating. It’s a great spot to go cliff jumping as well! Due to its small size and popularity, it can get quite crowded on the beach. The best times to visit will be early in the morning or late in the afternoon. While Stiniva Beach is the most famous beach on Vis Island, there are plenty of other amazing coves and pebble beaches that offer the same fantastic beauty

    Stiniva Beach

    Wine making has a long history on Vis Island, dating back to the Greeks, and it’s very much alive today. Vugava is the white grape behind Vis’s wines, probably brought to the island by the Roman army. It’s a delicate grape to cultivate as it must be harvested at exactly the right time.
    Winemakers have thrived on Vis since the Greeks roamed the island, with Vugava and Plavac being the trademark grapes of Vis. While there are a handful of local wineries to explore on the island, we suggest the unique Lipanović, with its cellar housed in a Yugoslav military tunnel. Another must-visit is Aerodrom Gostionica, a no-frills wine house located on a former military airstrip. They also serve up Dalmatian snacks and the famous Komiža pie!

    Towns of Island Vis

    Vis: Located in the north-eastern part of the island is Vis town. Initially settled by the Greeks as ‘Issa’, Vis town today is the ‘capital’ of the island. Situated in a well-protected bay, Vis is increasingly popular among boaters, as baroque buildings, Roman baths, a Franciscan monastery, defensive towers, an archeological museum, and palaces decorate the old town and shore.

    Komiža: This famous fishing village has transformed in recent years thanks to tourism and its proximity to the Blue Cave (more on that below). With roots dating back to at least the 12th century, Komiža is recognizable thanks to its hilltop ​​Romanesque church and monastery dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors and merchants, among other things. The center of the town is marked by a castle erected in 1585 to defend against pirates, while colorful windows decorate old stone houses, vibrant cafes, and local restaurants.

    Biševo & Blue Cave: Biševo is a tiny islet located 5 nautical miles from Komiža, and while there isn’t much to do here for you or its 15 residents, it is home to one of Dalmatia’s most popular tourist attractions – the Blue Cave. Authorized boats can take you into the colorful cave, which is illuminated at certain times of the day when the sun peeks through its crack. The best (and busiest) time to visit is between 11-1 pm, but if you’re not a fan of long queues, the morning hours can be equally as beautiful.

    Bisevo Blue cave


    Blue Cave: We already filled you in on the Blue Cave experience, and while it may seem like the most touristy thing to do on the island (it is), it’s worth a visit. The wait to enter the cave will likely be longer than your experience inside the cave (around 10-15 minutes), and no, swimming is not allowed. Still, it is a masterpiece of Mother Nature and one of the top experiences on your Croatian sailing holiday.

    Military tour: We have already mentioned that Vis abounds in military history, all of which you can explore on a guided tour. A WWII submarine tunnel, bunker, atomic shelter, airport, a radar station, and more is uncovered on an off-road tour, making it a great half-day escape.

    Island of Vis

    Where to eat and drink on Island Vis

    Vis restaurants benefit from a bounty of natural ingredients and a love of good cuisine, which help create a keener culture of quality restaurants, bistros and konobas than should be expected from such a small island.

    Restaurant „Val“, Vis, port Kut – Savor Mediterranean cuisine that will combine many elements of culinary traditions. Visit this restaurant for a break and degust good fried fish, asparagus risotto and casserole. Choose delicious house wine, you will hardly regret it. The warm atmosphere of Restoran Val makes customers feel relaxed and have a nice time. This place is recommended for the cool staff.

    Vila Kaliopa, Vis Town – In the exotic gardens of the 16th-century Gariboldi mansion, Villa Kaliopa is an upmarket restaurant frequented by yachting enthusiasts. Tall palm trees, bamboo and classical statuary provide the setting for a menu of Dalmatian specialities, which change daily. It hosts occasional concerts and exhibitions.

    Boccadoro – Vis Town – new kid on the block and the house restaurant of the Hotel San Giorgio directly opposite across a narrow alley, Boccadoro completes the four-star atmosphere. Open to the general public, this à la carte eaterie is a fusion of international and traditional. The Italian chef cooks up top-standard fish, a risotto with rosemary and cheese from Pag, and wonderful desserts made from carob flour (of which there is an abundance on the island)

    Pojoda – Expect a fabulous setting, outstanding cuisine and fair prices at the best restaurant in Vis. The food is prepared to perfection: Dalmation standards plus standout dishes such as prawn and barley risotto and lentil and squid brodet. Tempting appetisers include octopus salad and seafood cocktail. The service is genuinely friendly and very efficient.

    Island of Vis

    Popular anchorages on the island Vis

    Among the yachts that sail around Vis, the most attractive anchorages with buoys are the coves Stončica, Stiniva and Ruda. On the islet of Budikovac and in the cove of Rukavac, buoys can be used only by guests of the restaurants. The northern coves of Rogačić, Gradac, Okljucna, and the southern ones of Vela Smokova, Milna, Zaglav, Mala Travna are stunning anchorage places.

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