Best luxury yacht charter destinations for Summer & Winter

Marine Project has a large selection of luxury charter yachts worldwide. Explore summer and winter yacht charter travel destinations. Choose from more than 1,000 luxury yachts from certified and trusted yacht owners. With our charter offers that are available for your vacation on a yacht you will surely find the right boat for you!

Charter yacht gives a totally different view of the world. A view from the sea on the shore is something you need to experience. Does not matter if you want charter with your family or friends, party charter, health charter, adventure charter every destination offer pieces for everybody. Luxury yachts and mega yachts for charter – crewed luxury yachts – available on Marine Project. Luxury exclusive sailing yachts and motor yachts worldwide – choose your destination for a perfect vacation.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters


Sparkling sea, wine and olives

Warm sunshine, landscapes peppered with wildflowers and sparkling seas is what you get from a Mediterranean yacht charter. Classic sites of ancient Greece to the stunning islands of Corsica, Sicily, or the Balearics, and on to the great stylish cities of Monaco and Cannes makes Meditarreanean great charter destination.

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself

what a wonderful world”



Caribbean Yacht Charters

Perfect winter escape

If you think on Caribbean Yacht charter you can think on miles and miles of bare turquoise waters and powdered beaches, true hospitality on the island and of course sunny adventures and natural wonders. Chartering luxury motor or sailing yacht in the Caribbean is paradise for your celebratory getaway under the sun.

“Tropical beaches and opulent royal places, sand between your toes and watching wildlife, all that offer luxury charter yacht”

Southeast Asia Yacht Charters

Set sails on voyage beyond compare

Remove from your bucket list Buddhist temples, pagodas and monuments, all this you can find throughout Southeast Asia. Charter yacht in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and explore white sandy beaches, stunning resorts, luxurious spas, and shopping galore. Southeast Asia becomes a fast perfect charter yacht destination for those who are looking something new and different.

Indian Ocean Yacht Charters

Splendid coral gardens

Whether you charter yacht on Seychelles, Mauritius or Maldives you will find for sure whitest beaches in the world. Jump between the powdery beaches of Seychelles or explore the different sides on Mauritius, diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities in this charter region. The water is warm and clear, and teeming with life from the tiniest juvenile tropical to the largest pelagic creature, including whale sharks.


South Pacific Ocean Charters

Tropical paradise

Charter Luxury Yacht in one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders at Great Barrier Reef, or discover the unspoiled islands of Tahiti and French Polynesia, thousands of miles from the nearest large landmass or get to know Friendly Islands’of Tonga, Spotting manta rays, learn how to crack open coconuts, swimming in lagoons, feeding sacred blue-eyed eels, and sunbath in some of the best beaches you ever saw in Bora Bora. No matter you choose Fiji, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cook Island or Australia you will be impressed by the beauty of this region.

The luxury Charter fleet at Marine Project webpage is huge and diverse, with something to satisfy every desire, budgets, and locations. Just find the desired destination and leave the rest to us.


East Atlantic Ocean Charters

Perfect temperature 365 days a year

East Atlantic coast stretches from the coastline of northern Spain up to the fjords of Norway, France, including Brittany and the Channel coast and Portugal. This charter region is one of the favorite destinations for a cruise in Western Europe. The extraordinary climate between 19º and 25º throughout the year on Canary Island and over 500 beaches of all types and colors offering a wide range of possibilities. The Azores, an archipelago of nine Portuguese islands sprawled across 370 miles of open Atlantic Ocean, is a great sailing destination.

Luxury yachts and mega yachts for charter – crewed luxury yachts – available
on Marine Project. Luxury exclusive sailing yachts and motor yachts worldwide.”


West Atlantic Ocean Charters

Prestige Yacht Events

From the Florida Keys to the Rhode Island makes this coast perfect for charter yacht in West Atlantic. Imagine being on a yacht a few minutes from cosmopolitan cities as Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Florida offers a wide range of charter yachts to meet all of your needs. New England is synonymous with super yachting in addition to the natural beauty and variety of cultural highlights on offer throughout this area, it also plays host to a number of world most prestige events in the yachting industry.