Luxury yacht charter Puerto Rico

Best time
December - April
San Juan airport, Rafael Hernández International Airport
Spanish, English
United States Dollar
Water area
Caribbean Sea
Surfing in World Class Waves
Puerto Rico Regions

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico should be at the top of the places to consider. The combination of history, diverse culture, scenery, attractions, warm people and fascinating cities, make this Caribbean gem a world-class destination for sailing. In terms of beauty, Puerto Rico is astonishingly diverse. With over 36 nature reserves, 19 state forests and five wildlife refuges, traveling across the island easily brings the opportunity to enjoy the contrast of scenery and get back in touch with nature. You can appreciate the marine life diversity across the nearly 300 beaches along the 272 miles of coastline. With different characteristics – like colors, sand textures, and wave flow – each area has a distinctive quality and varied marine life. Hitting the turquoise waters of Puerto Rican beaches is one of the many reasons millions of tourists visit each year. There is a wide range of activities to choose from just sailing or snorkeling, deep-diving, surfing, kayaking, whale spotting or simply relaxing.

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