Yacht charter in Portugal Azores

Best time
Jun - September
Ponta Delgada, Horta, Angra do Heroísmo
Water area
Atlantic Ocean
Whale watching
Portugal Regions

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Yacht charter in Portugal Azores, the islands of the archipelago are divided into three geographical groups: the Eastern Group, comprising Santa Maria and São Miguel, the Central Group, including Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial, and the Western Group, composed by Corvo and Flores. The Azores, along with the archipelagos of Madeira, Canary Islands, and Cape Verde, constitute the biogeographic region of Macaronesia, a name which means “fortunate islands” for those who live there and visit them. All the islands have volcanic origins, although some, such as Santa Maria, have had no recorded activity since the islands were settled. The climate of the Azores is very mild for such a northerly location, being influenced by its distance from the continents and by the passing Gulf Stream. Due to the marine influence, temperatures remain mild year-round.

Portugal Azores

On sailing yacht or a motor yacht, you will quickly understand the mystique of sailing in the Portugal Azores. When navigating around the coastline of an island, you will see the green landscape descending towards the crystalline-clear waters of the ocean. Dolphins accompany you in the island crossings, as they did more than 500 years ago with the discoverers of this paradise. Beaches and sheltered cove invite you to stop and dive. At the marinas on the archipelago, you can find everything that you needs before start to sail to the Atlantic Ocean.

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