Luxury yacht charter in Asia

The Andaman Sea around Thailand and Malaysia with Asian cultures, delicious food, the buzz of trendy resorts or the seclusion of uninhabited islands, some of the best dive spots in the world will give you to your charter a pieces of paradise. This charter destination offer a unique combination of crystal waters, lush islands, white sandy beaches, and tropical climate. Indonesia with over 18,000 islands to explore or Bali – Land of the Gods can be you next destination for charter of Luxury yacht.

Thailand yacht charter

Great alternative to the Caribbean during winter, with Phuket as a premier destination. Thailand is a tropical getaway for the hedonist, with two long coastlines offers a great playground for surf, diving with a whale shark, partying in azure waters. Thailand offers the best massage in the world relax and let’s spoil you simpatico Tai people… Thailand is a nature aquarium, there you can find a countless number of attractions: from Buddhist temples, royal residences and museums to amazing historical parks. Not to mention nature parks, where you can try riding elephants or spend the whole day playing with them. 


Malaysia yacht charter

Malaysia is a country with a pleasant tropical climate all year. Recreational boating is one of the most popular activities for thousands of tourists visiting its beaches and islands. Langkawi and Penang are among the largest of the hundred islands in the archipelago that presenting the perfect opportunity to unwind in unparalleled style. Langawi’s outstanding natural landscape makes it a haven for nature lovers, true the island you’ll find spectacular caves, lakes and limestone hills.  Malaysia have a wonderful diversity of marine life, including coral and colorful fish.

Indonesia yacht charter

Indonesia claims a truly impressive title: the largest archipelago on the planet. Situated along the equator between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the 17,500 diverse and exotic islands of Indonesia have long embodied paradise on Earth. Indonesia is a land of legends, home to thousands of idyllic islands. Some are cloaked in dense jungle and inhabited by the mythical bird of paradise, others born of fire-breathing volcanoes and roamed by living dragons. best places to visit in Indonesia can be a challenge. The beauty of Bali named as Island of the Gods is one of a most popular area in this Region.


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