Luxury yacht charter Indonesia

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Airport near Bali
Juanda, Lombok, Ngurah Rai International Airport
Indonesian, Malay
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Water area
Java Sea, Flores Sea, Savu Sea, Banda sea
Historic temples, diving
Indonesian Regions

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Luxury yacht charter Indonesia, with lush jungles in Kalimantan, crystal waters lapping soft white-sand beaches on the Kei Islands, and magnificent temple complexes to discover in Java, Indonesia is as vibrant as it is varied. This extraordinarily diverse country is spread across 17,000 islands and boasts a rich assortment of languages, landscapes, and cultures. From hanging out with orang-utans in Bukit Lawang, enjoying classical Javanese culture in Yogyakarta, to cruising through Borneo along the Sungai Kapuas, this eclectic country holds plenty to explore. Glimpse Komodo dragons on Komodo and Rinca, and on Java marvel at Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Snorkel along the coast of Indonesian West Papua and the Gili Islands and spot stunning marine life, or go shipwreck diving in Bali, whose warm waters teem with tropical fish. Anyway, most popular destination for yacht charter is Bali. Known as the ‘Land of the Gods’, Bali is undeniably beautiful. For a small tropical island, Bali has an amazing ability to provide something for everyone.


Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. It is also famous for surfers’ paradise! Bali enchants with its dramatic dances and colorful ceremonies, its arts, and crafts, to its luxurious beach resorts and exciting nightlife. And everywhere, you will find intricately carved temples. Bali’s white beaches are certainly a favorite destination for family holidays. There are a variety of watersports available, such as banana boats, parasailing or jet skiing, go swimming or you may just linger and enjoy good sunbathing by the sea. The best dive spots can be located at Menjangan island, with its reef flat, anchor wreck, eel garden and caves to explore. Located in the western part of Bali, you can enjoy the rare sight of deer swimming near the beach.

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