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Luxury yacht charter Thailand. Thailand, country located in the center of mainland Southeast Asia. Located wholly within the tropics, Thailand encompasses diverse ecosystems, including the hilly forested areas of the northern frontier, the fertile rice fields of the central plains, the broad plateau of the northeast, and the rugged coasts along the narrow southern peninsula. Thailand is known as the land of smiles, thanks to the welcoming nature of the Thai people. But there’s so much more to the country than friendly faces. In fact, it’s impossible to sum up Thailand in a nutshell, because every part is different. In the Krabi province alone, there are 150 kilometres’ worth of beaches, many of which are backed by photogenic rock formations. In the Khao Lak area, the sands get swallowed up by national parks a few hundred metres from the shoreline. In Phuket, meanwhile, there’s a real mix. While the crowdless beaches in Mai Khao let you live incognito for a while, the ones in Patong invite you to a permanent party.

Central Thailand

The central region of Thailand is the area which contains and surrounds the national capital of Bangkok. The area contains many places of historical interest and natural beauty. This area is not so popular for yacht charter, but for sure you need to explore maybe on the way to the Estern Thailand.

Southern and Western Thailand

Western Thailand is a region of Thailand bordering Myanmar on the west, Southern Thailand on the south, and central Thailand on the east. The geography of the western region is characterized by high mountains and steep river valleys.  South Thailand is an especially popular region because it has such a diverse range of attractions to offer visitors. Most popular for visitors from around the world located in the Andaman Sea is Phuket – with white sandy beaches, stunning resorts, luxurious spas, and shopping galore!  In the Gulf of Thailand close to Ko Samui is the Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park. This archipelago is made up of 42 islands, most of which are located close to one another, perfect to explore from a yacht.

Eastern Thailand

Thailand’s eastern coastal strip runs from just east of Bangkok all the way down to the Cambodian frontier at Hat Lek. A small fishing village between Sri Ratcha and Pattaya in Chonburi province has been turned into Thailand’s largest deep-sea port, with a huge industrial park adjacent. On down the coast, the old Vietnam-era “R & R” stop of Pattaya has grown into an international beach resort. Further along in Rayong is yet another petrochemical-centered industrial park, as well as the tiny resort island of Samet, while far to the east is the “new Phuket” Koh Chang.
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