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Explore Dufour Catamaran Models. The right Catamaran, at the right price, from the right Dufour dealer. Save time, money and hassle by letting Marine Project find the best deal and the right price for your next new Dufour Catamaran

Why are Dufour catamarans so popular? Size and stability are the main factors. With two hulls and space in between, a catamaran tends to offer more space, both above and below the deck. Holidaymakers who charter a boat love Dufour catamarans for this reason. There’s room for a lot of people and a lot of payloads. Also, the stability provided by two hulls means the boat doesn’t heel like a monohull – it stays fairly level. This means that sailing is less strenuous as you don’t have to fight gravity. Dufour catamarans don’t need as much water under them, so you can sail in shallower places than a monohull, and you won’t roll around at your anchorage at night. There is also a bit more privacy for those on board as the two hulls are completely separate. And finally, they tend to be faster!

How is catamaran sailing different from monohull sailing? As mentioned above, Dufour catamarans don’t really heel. This makes the whole sailing experience different, the movement of the boat is different, you have to trim the sails differently and pay attention to other factors that you may not be used to. In light winds and headwinds, it can be harder to make progress. In strong winds, because the boat doesn’t seem to “respond” to the wind, it can be harder to tell when you are overpowered and need to reef. In heavy weather (which most casual sailors tend to avoid) a catamaran can be a liability, although with the right training it can be handled safely. When the conditions are right, Dufour catamarans are enjoyable to sail, smooth-running, and comfortable, so it’s no surprise that more and more of them are turning up in the world’s best sailing destinations.


Dufour Sailing Catamarans: Spacious and robust cruising catamarans with superior sailing performance. Both contemporary and economical. Discover our Dufour sailing yachts now! Buy from Marine Project your Dufour Catamaran for the best price.

A total sail area of 124 sqm is divided between a 76 sqm battened mainsail and a 48 sqm self-tacking jib. A 90 sqm code zero and a 110 sqm gennaker are available optionally. The 14.7 m long overall hulls are propelled by 50 HP engines as a standard or 60 HP optionally. Dufour 48 Catamaran has a beam amounting to 8 m and a 1.3 m draft, while the tanks’ capacity is divided between 900 L of diesel and 700 L of water.


Be the First to Know!  Something BIG Is Coming. Unlike Anything You’ve Stepped Aboard Before With Intelligent Luxury, Breathtaking Innovation, Massive Spaces, and Seagoing Practicality, the Dufour 50 Power Catamaran Is a Yacht Built for Exploring Your World. Debuting Genova boat show 2021.

The World’s Best Power Catamaran On The Market! Designed With Innovation, Quality & Performance. Discover Dufour Custom Made Power Catamarans.  Marine Project offers after sales servuce Worldwide. Get your Dufour power Catamaran for the best price.

Price List 2020/21 for Dufour 48 Sailing-Catamaran

Dufour Power catamarans vs Dufour sail catamarans: both are great boats. To choose what is best for you, think about how you will be using the boat.

Marine Project is very excited to announce that we have become agents for Dufour Catamarans. This means we can offer Dufour Catamarans to our clients for use in Europe and overseas. You can obtain for private sailing, or a yacht-charter management programme, where we will place your Dufour Catamaran in a charter fleet and all maintenance and running costs will be looked after on your behalf.

DUFOUR 48 Catamaran
The Dufour catamaran designed for Dufour is the progenitor of what will be a new line for the French shipyard.
 There are many distinctive features of this new project that maintain a clear link with the rest of Dufour’s production, which until now has focused exclusively on monohulls.
 The theme of communication between the various areas of the boat has once again been at the heart of the design and has led to many certainly innovative solutions.
 The large external Dufour catamaran cockpit covered by the catamaran-flybridge and positioned at the same level as the interior saloon and galley are decisive elements.
 The Dufour catamaran flybridge also takes on a new dimension, not only as a place to control the boat and as a space dedicated to sunbathing, but also as a raised lounge for enjoying special moments of relaxation in total privacy, something which is new for this size.
 The interiors have been designed with a number of possible variations in order to satisfy both owner and charter clients.
 The number of cabins varies in the two versions, as does the level of finish and accessories. In both, however, the unmistakable Dufour catamaran-style remains, both in the attention to detail. 
In the owner’s version, the starboard hull is entirely dedicated to the owner and features a layout and finish worthy of a 5-star suite. The Dufour charter catamaran version, on the other hand, features a number of very practical solutions, including a large technical and storage area for professional management of the yacht.
 In both versions, the independent forward cabin, dedicated to the crew, makes all kinds of situations easier. The Dufour catamaran sail plan, simple and effective, fully embraces the current trends, with a retracted mast and large self-tacking rolling genoa.
 The hulls, characterized by the lines of the heads and inverted prows, have been finalized using advanced CFD software in order to optimize resistance and therefore speed under sail and motor. On a stylistic level, both inside and out, we have tried to give the usual clean lines and shape, without interfering with the complexity of functions that this catamaran will have to satisfy.

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