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Municipal authorities will select the winning bidder this month

The city of Schwerin in northeast Germany has received five offers from companies interested in constructing the municipality’s new marina. Local authorities decided that two entities, Atlantic Marine Germany and Marina Resort Ziegelsee, will take part in the tender’s second stage.

The municipal authorities are expected to select the company that will build the marina on Lake Schwerin this month, according to local daily Schweriner Volkszeitung.

“Two applicants have submitted very good designs,” says Bernd Nottebaum, the head of the German municipality’s Construction Department.

The designed berthing capacity of the new facility was not disclosed, but local authorities are to discuss the details of both entities’ proposals in the coming days. Both tender participants will be requested to provide detailed documentation outlining the sewage, energy and technical solutions they intend to implement in the marina’s construction.

Marina Resort Ziegelsee is a consortium formed by four local companies established specifically for the Schwerin marina tender.

Atlantic Marine Germany is based in Schwerin, and was set up in 1985 by local businessman Harry Pilipenko. The entrepreneur’s son Tony is the company’s current chief executive.

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