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Meet our Executive Team. Specialists in Yacht-Charter, Sales and Marinas
Meet our Executive Team. Specialists in Yacht-Charter, Sales and Marinas

Darius Wozniak

CEO & Founder
Marine Project GROUP
Marine Project Inc

Christa Wild

CTO & Founder
Marine Project Inc.
+49 152 54637257

Nataša Farkić

Deputy CEO
Marine Project (SRB)
+381 60 3354 449

Nico Wild

Charter Fleet Manager
Palma de Malorca (ES)
+34 635 361 563

Francois De Lafontaine

Office Seychelles
Mahé, Victoria (SYC)
+248 2514469

Xavier Jacqueline

Lloyd's Marine Survey
Palma de Mallorca (ES)
Victoria (SYC)
+34 692 090 097
+248 251 44 69

Christian Hausser

Marina Senior Consultant
Palma de Mallorca (ES)
+34 661 680 277

Aleksa Luković

Marina Consultant
Belgrade (SRB)
Miami FL (USA)
+381 63 276 589

Mag. Krešimir Landeka

Marina Consultant
Croatia (CRO)
+385 91 200 6457

Ioannis Ninos

Representative Greece
Greece (GR)
+30 6932 567474

Aldo Mordo

Representative Turkey
Turkey (TR)
+90 533 154 13 90

Miloš Jakšić

Products & Innovation
Novi Sad (SRB)
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    We also have in-house legal advisors, allowing us to respond quickly, independently, and cost-efficiently to any legal questions and issues from reviewing tender contract clauses. Our lawyers always speak the national language as well as English or German.

    Specialized Local Lawyers permanently working for Marine Project in:

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    M&A activity in the business topped $ 10 billion last year

    In many aspects, 2021 was a watershed moment for the boating industry, notably in the domain of mergers and acquisitions, where happened more than 150 global deals with a total deal value of almost $ 10 billion and the return of private equity investors.

    The year 2021 will be remembered for a number of reasons, including a record number of mergers, acquisitions, and new collaborations in the worldwide boating sector. The need for size, efficiency, integrated solutions, and growth capital sparked a wave of consolidation across all industries – large and small – with the biggest deal of the year exceeding $1 billion. Strong demand and rising stock prices aided the funding of a slew of mergers and acquisitions.

    Although most mergers do not include financial specifics when they are announced, yearly sales statistics for the acquired firm are frequently released, and publicly listed corporations, of course, divulge the worth of essential transactions in their year-end financial reports. 

    One very significant deal was happened in the late December 2020 $850m acquisition of the online brokerage business Boats by private equity firm Permira. Yacht, Boat Trader, Cosas de Barcos, Announces du Bateau, and Botentekoop were all purchased by the Boats Group. This segment’s consolidation continued till 2021.

    Confidence in the industry was also reflected in a number of successful IPOs, leading to an all-time high in the number of boating-related companies on publicly-traded stock markets.

    The majority of M&A transactions in the boating industry in 2021 were trade purchases driven by the logic of consolidation, scale, and strategic opportunity – all backed by solid balance sheets – but the industry did see a new influx of private equity (PE) and investment funds, with 14 percent of acquisitions coming from outside the industry. The increased demand for boating and the inherent value of waterfront assets have drawn private equity investors and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to the marina industry.

    After a number of PE investors were caught up in over-valued acquisitions with significant debt burdens during the global financial crisis, the sector appears to have regrouped. Again, it provides better outcomes by investing in firms based on fundamental value and realistic growth potential.

    Perreni Navi had the year’s longest drama, declaring bankruptcy in February and eventually finding a new owner in December with an €80 billion proposal from the Italian Sea Group. The marine equipment and boat dealership industries experienced the most activity, followed by the major dealership and marina mergers, the hot shared-access boat club industry, and online boat markets. Several well-known names in the boatbuilding industry have changed hands. Several online broker platforms, boat insurance businesses, law firms, and a few media enterprises merged in the services sector.


    With nine acquisitions in 2021, Sweden’s Dometic Group was one of the busiest M&A players, continuing the company’s drive to diversify away from a legacy reliance on Recreational Vehicle and Marine OEMs into the outdoor leisure sector, aftermarket channels, and direct to consumer sales with own-branded products.

    Patrick Industries, a component maker, was also in the running for most active participants, with eight acquisitions, several of which boosted its Marine portfolio from 3% of sales to 16% by the end of 2021.

    T-H Marine added four more brands to its portfolio before being bought by OneWater Marine, a retail boat group. This was the company’s second noteworthy expansion into the parts and accessories market and the continuous expansion of its dealer network. Lippert acquisitions contributed $23 million – or 49% – of growth in the company’s marine business through Q3 2021.


    In 2021, the boatbuilding industry saw several notable transactions, including the sale of several iconic brands – such as Hatteras Yachts and Cigarette Racing boats – and the widely publicized rescue of Italy’s Perini Navi yacht builder, a brand with assets the industry didn’t want to lose but couldn’t decide how to value. The boating industry has long seen a tendency of all kinds of investors rushing in to preserve a much-loved but economically failed brand, frequently consisting of affluent owners who trust their business instincts but undervalue the complexity of the boat market and the skill of profitable boat manufacturing. Fairline Yachts is an example of a well-known brand with a series of owners who have failed to realize its full potential.

    The vertical integration of the world’s largest boat retailer and broker, MarineMax, taking up a direct presence in boatbuilding with the acquisition of Cruisers Inc “to fill a vacuum in its portfolio” was possibly the most fascinating deal last year. Later in the year, MarineMax acquired a second maker to its inventory, Barletta Pontoon Boats, demonstrating that it was not merely dabbling in boatbuilding.

    Boat Dealers & Marinas

    This is a sector where there are clear synergies between boating customers and the local businesses that sell, maintain, and store their boats and offer related accessories to enhance both the product and the experience – blurring the lines between boat dealers, marina services, and P&A suppliers. Given that many of these companies were once small, family-operated firms led by seasoned enthusiasts – and that they also had to deal with seasonal cash flow and labor difficulties – the market has long been ripe for consolidation. Introduce two significant industry giants – MarineMax and OneWater – with vast money, marketing power, and strategic goals, and you have the recipe for an outright purchasing frenzy, which has been going on for some years. 

    In 2021, there were around 50 deals in this industry, both big and small, with several repeat players. However, given many of these transactions’ modest scale and local character, they are likely to go unnoticed. Southern Marinas, Suntex Marinas, OneWater, and MaxMarine are among the leading players in these two cross-over categories, as revealed by the sort button on our interactive table below.

    Boat Dealerships & Marinas

    Boat and charter clubs, yet another growth that has evolved among local, small-scale firms established and managed by long-time boating enthusiasts, are another increasingly active field for acquisitions in the maritime sector. But that has all changed thanks to one of the most popular consumer trends in the last five years: shared access boating models, which are similar to timeshare vacation condominiums and ski chalets, and a well-established core of sail charter companies. The burgeoning growth in boat timeshares, boat charter groups, and boat membership clubs allow consumers to enjoy their favorite pastimes in various locations without the burdens of ownership. All of this is made much easier by the internet, which will enable people to search options, availability, pricing, and make bookings anywhere in the world with a few clicks.

    Brunswick Corporation, via the establishment of Freedom Boat Club in the United States and increasingly in Europe, is the major player in this field. In Japan, Yamaha Motor maintains a comparable operation, and Beneteau boosted its investment in the market in 2021.

    Boat Clubs, Charter Groups

    In 2021, there was a flurry of mergers and acquisitions among equipment distributors and merchants, with activity extending to notable online marine equipment stores and a slew of rival boat listing services operating across national borders. Other groups that recognized the rationale for joining forces in 2021 included several boat insurance brokers.

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