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Offering Investors Attractive Returns

Offering Investors Attractive Returns


As a specialised Marinas for Sale broker, Marine Project is the ideal partner when it comes to buying or selling a marina. A thorough knowledge of the Marina for Sale market, we have a well-maintained and efficient network and the right approach to buy or sell a business.

Marinas for Sale: The Marina for Sale investment sector is booming in the established markets of Europe and the USA. 

Investors may choose to have a solely passive income or alternatively have direct involvement in the operation of the Marina. 

We specialise in ‘Marinas for Sale’ Marina deals with banks providing up to 60% finance. 

Investors in this Marina and Yacht Harbor sector enjoy secure returns of between 6% – 15% annually with potential for significant capital appreciation, and return on Marina investment up to 15% per annum (if using bank finance). 

Our Marina and Yacht Harbor Investment Strategy is 
to work closely with well-known Marina brands and Marina operators worldwide. This allows us to source unique Marinas with strong brands in great locations enjoying safe and secure returns to ensure that investors in this Marina sector will benefit from the long lease periods, typically 10 – 60 years, entered into with internationally renowned Marina chain operators 
to source quality assets that can be realised by the Marina investor when appropriate. 

We offers a selection of the best Marinas for Sale worldwide – from Budget to Boutique, and from New Concepts to International Chains. 

Please search our website for Marinas for Sale which fulfill your investment criteria.

Not ALL offers published on the internet! We work as a search agent for our prospective buyers.

 We have knowledge of over 20 marinas that will soon be put up for sale or are already being offered discreetly.
 We can offer such marinas confidentially to you as a buyer. 
We work discreetly for buyers and sellers. Benefit from our market knowledge. 

If you would like to work with Marine Project on this basis, please contact us.

 Better still, please let us know your requirements for your Marina investment in advance. We can then work with you in a more targeted manner. Please let us know your requirements in your inquiry: Region, size, infrastructure, gastronomy, price range..



Our multidisciplinary team consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, construction, plant design, building commissioning, operations and financial management. We work on your behalf to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.


Marine Project offers tailor-made solutions that lead to first-class project management. Our team of experienced professionals combined with a range of design skills enables us to offer a multidisciplinary approach to our strategic office locations.


Marinas and shipyards need marketing strategies that fit their business models. Marine Project’s brand and marketing experts create very high brand awareness and target group oriented reach. We create a brand world that reaches the right target group and generates high demand.


We help marinas reach their full potential, whether we provide expert advice on an existing marina or develop a new marina.


Because we know the maritime leisure market, we know how future trends will develop and can develop realistic business plans for marinas and shipyards.


We evaluate a waterfront development project from the perspective of both a developer and an operator. We assess the feasibility of the project based on your objectives.

Marinas for Sale in the Mediterranean are particularly suitable as long-term, reliably profitable investments. Most marinas for sale have diversified sources of income, which on the one hand are characterised by the sale and rental of berths, but on the other hand also include the rental of space to shipyards, restaurants, petrol stations, retail, parking, and much more. This generates high added value, which, depending on the general setup, can generate high sales revenues – if you have the right expert at your side.

Let specialists help and support you in selling your marina. Marine Project is an established player in the Marina for Sale market and has many years of practical experience, know-how and a well-positioned network for the brokerage of Marinas and sale of marinas and shipyards. In addition, Marine Project offers its clients a broad portfolio of Marina properties currently for sale – worldwide.

The cornerstone for the successful sale of a marina or marina is the commissioning of a specialised professional and usually begins with the signing of an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Marine Project then obtains access to the operating figures and financial reports in order to obtain as detailed a picture as possible of the economic situation, clarify any uncertainties and determine an initial realistic sales price.

As your expert marina broker, we will visit your marina for sale in person to get a direct impression of all attributes that reflect and justify the value determined.

Based on the knowledge gained and a thorough analysis of the overall situation, Marine Project will prepare a qualified and meaningful Marina sales dossier, which we will have approved by you and which will then be sent to you after a list of potential buyers from our network and database. At the same time, we include the offer in our portfolio and publish it on our Marina for Sale website portfolio, which is only accessible to clients.

From this moment on, the Marine Project team takes care of the active and goal-oriented search for potential marina buyers and marina investors who match the buyer criteria most closely or fully. Relevant candidates are first listed in a longlist and then prioritised according to relevance. After a thorough review, the best marina for sale candidates are selected, which we then present to you in detail and make our recommendation.

The sale of the marina is completed. As soon as the decision for the desired buyer has been made, the potential marina buyer is given access to the files in the course of a due diligence and then makes a corresponding purchase decision. After negotiation of all possible outstanding issues and the final marina purchase price, Marine Project takes care of the preparation of the necessary marina sales contracts with the help of a specialist lawyer. After signing the contracts, payment of the purchase price by the marina buyer and transfer of the property, the transaction is successfully completed and you can reap the fruits of your hard work.

Marina Yachthafen – real estate for an unusual business idea
Investors who are looking for a new start and also want to make a fresh start professionally can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities today. If there is a special connection to nature at the same time, marina real estate is a perfect choice. More and more investors who want to recover from everyday stress escape to the sea on weekends, bridge days, and also on holiday. The atmosphere of a marina is experiencing a renaissance again today, and increasingly so among the younger generation. Start-ups looking for a reliable business idea can plan a new start of a special kind with the purchase of marina real estate. But anyone who wants to rent or buy a marina must define their personal goals early on in order to minimize risks for this unusual business idea.

What factors are decisive for the success of marina real estate?
Start-ups who want to establish themselves with marina real estate are also dependent on the know-how of experts. Location analyses are absolutely necessary, with the help of which the economic potential of marina real estate can be sounded out. A scenic location alone is not enough to establish a future-oriented existence. Information on possible uses provides information on which expansion options are possible in compliance with all legal framework conditions in order to increase the attractiveness of a marina property. Anyone who wants to buy or rent a marina or marina must also be informed about competitors before an individual business concept is drawn up. Specialized brokers (Marine Project) offer complete packages that include sound advice also for possible refurbishments and expansion projects. In addition, a multitude of legal requirements have to be fulfilled with regard to sanitary equipment and technologies, and all this in compliance with environmentally friendly conditions. Regardless of whether a marina property is to be purchased or rented – target-oriented marketing and a concept that is oriented towards reality are prerequisites for the successful operation of a marina property.

What are the legal requirements?
The minimum equipment of a marina is subject to very specific legal regulations. In general, the following applies: regulations concerning nature conservation, investment staff and co. are the responsibility of the respective country. In addition, port regulations also define the term marina or marina. This passage is particularly important for those consumers who wish to buy, rent or lease a port. Based on the characteristics named in the port ordinance, it is possible to derive essential requirements for a new marina to be opened. Other important contents of a port ordinance concern, for example, Fire protection, waste disposal, operating regulations, and administrative offenses to be avoided. For example, marinas and harbours may generally only be operated if they have a required drinking water supply and sewage system. In addition, both the map of the harbor and the marina regulations and the operator’s data must be displayed on the premises in a manner that is easily legible, even for visually impaired people. Interested parties can often find more detailed information on the currently valid port regulations in the respective country in the download area of the respective website. Additional assistance is also provided by municipal administrations. If you want to buy, rent, or lease a marina, you can also call on the services of a specialist lawyer. They can provide information on any legal stumbling blocks and, if necessary, offer long-term advice.

Where can you find a suitable marina?
If you want to buy, rent, or lease a marina, you can increasingly find the right property on the internet. Platforms such as Marine Project can fulfill the desire for a varied life by the sea with just a few clicks of the mouse. Here, interested parties are offered a wide range of marinas that are leased, rented, or sold worldwide. Once the appropriate offers have been called up, they can be individually narrowed down using the search mask. The geographical location and equipment of the offered objects can be adapted to one’s own needs, as can the price and size of the harbor.

How much does a marina cost?
There is no one-size-fits-all price for marinas. Rather, the respective prices depend on the individual characteristics of the property in question. For example, the size of the plot of land and the adjoining terrain can increase or decrease the price. In addition, the age of the property is also one of the price-forming factors: Since marinas emerged as a special form of tourism as early as the beginning of the 20th century and experienced a boom from the 1950s and 1960s, the majority of marinas offered for sale and lease date from the 1980s and 1990s. As a result, they are not infrequently in need of refurbishment. These properties are particularly worthwhile for prospective buyers who are skilled craftsmen. In this way, an outdated marina can be transformed into a dream property within a very short time through personal initiative and commitment. Marinas also vary greatly in price from region to region. Traditional marinas, for example, such as those in Europe, are more competitive and drive up prices accordingly. On the other hand, previously unknown regions offer lower prices but have considerably less prestige. If you want to buy, rent, or lease a marina, you should also be aware of the regional characteristics.

Lease, rent, or buy a marina?
Marinas can be leased, rented, or bought. The various types of contracts are based on the following essential differences: Rent marina: A rental contract exclusively regulates the secondary granting of the use of the real estate and premises. Lease marina: In a lease agreement, the lessee is not only granted the use of the leased property. In addition and over and above the mere rent, both property and rights can be granted, for example, those for commercial use. This allows the tenant to profitably market the yield of the area.
Buying a marina: When a marina is purchased, there is eventually a change of ownership of the land. The buyer can then dispose of the marina himself and holds all rights and obligations. These three approaches each come with different advantages and disadvantages: Type of contract Advantages Disadvantages
Rent or lease: Tenant requires comparatively few financial resources. Maintenance and repairs are the landlord’s responsibility. Disposing of the property comparatively uncomplicated, with limited design options. Purchase, free design options for the marina, more cost-intensive than renting or leasing.
If you want to rent, lease, or buy a marina, you should take your time. Many marinas in the USA are offered for lease or purchase. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a marina for rent. Buying a marina is worthwhile especially for those who have the financial means and want to design the marina according to their own ideas. After all, it is much easier to carry out alterations if there is no landlord watching over the rented or leased property with a veto. A marina for lease or rent, on the other hand, is worthwhile if interested parties do not have the financial means to buy. In this case, repairs and maintenance measures are the responsibility of the respective landlord or lessor. In this case, it is much easier to sell the property.

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