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Experts with deep knowledge in Yacht charter, Marinas and Management

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Meet our Executive Team. Specialists in Yacht-Charter, Sales and Marinas
Meet our Executive Team. Specialists in Yacht-Charter, Sales and Marinas

Darius Wozniak

CEO & Founder
Marine Project GROUP
Marine Project Inc

Christa Wild

CTO & Founder
Marine Project Inc.
+49 152 54637257

Nataša Farkić

Deputy CEO
Marine Project (SRB)
+381 60 3354 449

Cristina Guedes

Legal Secretary
Palma de Malorca (ES)
+34 673 844 062

Nico Wild

Charter Fleet Manager
Palma de Malorca (ES)
+34 635 361 563

Xavier Jacqueline

Lloyd's Marine Survey
Palma de Mallorca (ES)
Victoria (SYC)
+34 692 090 097
+248 251 44 69

Christian Hausser

Marina Senior Consultant
Palma de Malorca (ES)
+34 661 680 277

Aleksa Luković

Marina Consultant
Belgrade (SRB)
Miami FL (USA)
+381 63 276 589

Mag. Krešimir Landeka

Marina Consultant
Croatia (CRO)
+385 91 200 6457

Ioannis Ninos

Representative Greece
Greece (GR)
+30 6932 567474

Aldo Mordo

Representative Turkey
Turkey (TR)
+380 95 153 55 65
+90 533 154 13 90

Miloš Jakšić

Products & Innovation
Novi Sad (SRB)
Meet Our Team | Marine Project

Marine Project Inc.

USA | North & South America
990 Biscayne Blvd Office 503
33132 Miami, Florida

Marine Project Charter S.L

Spain | Western Mediterranean
Carrer de Bartomeu Rosselló-Porcel, 2c
07014 Palma Balearic Islands

Marine Project Charter d.o.o

Croatia | Eastern Mediterranean
Baotic Marina Don Petra Špike 2a
21218 Seget Donji (Trogir), Croatia

Marine Project Seychelles Ltd

Seychelles | Africa & Asia
Eden Island Marina
POB 1452 Victoria

Marine Project Marketing & Management

Marketing & Management
Bulevar Evrope 36
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
Meet Our | Representatives

Ninos & Associates Realestate

Representative Greece
Sygrou 122,
Athens 1174, Greece
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    Marine Project legal advisors:

    We also have in-house legal advisors, allowing us to respond quickly, independently, and cost-efficiently to any legal questions and issues from reviewing tender contract clauses. Our lawyers always speak the national language as well as English or German.

    Specialized Local Lawyers permanently working for Marine Project in:

        Portugal Lisboa
        Spain Palma
        Italy Sterzing
        England London
        Croatia Split

        Greece Alexandroupoli
        USA Miami
        Turkey Istanbul
        Seychelles Victoria


    Nationwide United States Marinas For Sale

    We can help you to acquire a Marina in Florida or the USA.

    Marina for Sale Nationwide United States. Search for all marinas in the United States.

    Seaboard Marina
    USA / Connecticut
    Atlantic West
    3.000.000,00 $

    Sell Your Marina Nationwide USA – If you are a Marina seller US or marina broker of marinas, shipyards, and marina resorts across USA, Marine Project is dedicated to providing selling strategies and techniques that work. We confidently offer this website as an place to display your marina for sale in US, shipyards, or marina resort for sale to an enormous audience of potential marina buyers in all price ranges. Selling of marinas, shipyards, and marina resorts takes place in a unique industry which requires knowledge and experience to effectively market the marina business. The proper packaging of a professional executive summary is crucial in today’s market. Need assistance selling a Marina in US? Just give us a call!

    Buy a Marina in the US – If you are looking to buy a marina in USA, our focus is on providing a user-friendly website offering the greatest choice of marinas in the US, shipyards, and marina resorts for sale throughout USA. We understand that buying a Marina in the US, shipyard, or marina resort is a serious decision, and that most marina buyers who are looking to buy a marina in the US, shipyard, or marina resort have never purchased one before. Marina sellers typically demand confidentiality when selling their marina in the US, so some of the marinas for sale on this site contain only brief descriptions and limited photographs. If you have questions or would like to know the location of the marinas listed on this site, feel free to fill-out our contact form, or for a quicker response, give us a call.

    Marine Project as Buyer Representation to acquire a marina for sale in United States

    Marine Project offers buyers the opportunity to employ us as their advocate, specifically known as Marina Buyer Representation United States. By instruct Marine Project as Buyer’s Agent, you will receive the expertise, experience, and advocacy of an United States Marina Brokerage Firm that deals solely in the sale of marinas in United States and United States boatyards throughout United States. Our staff works in United States and present marina opportunities that conform to your investment and financial requirements in United States. Every effort is made to ensure that you have received all of the information needed to make a quality and safe decision. In effect, much of the due diligence and asset analysis is completed long before you put pen to paper.

    The benefit of Marina Buyer Representation in United States is that our staff can approach unlisted marina owners and inquire about a possible sale of their facility before it enters the marina market. We can inquire with lenders of bank-owned properties, bankruptcy trustees, and asset managers. Often the best acquisition, from a buyer’s perspective, is made before an Italian marina or boatyard hits the Italian marina real estate market.

    If you would like to speak with one of our marina brokerage staff in United States regarding Buyer Representation, please feel free to contact us

    National Marina sell and buy in the USA
    Sell Marina in the US – Advertise with us
    Since 2011, the sales figures for boats and yachts have been steadily increasing. 2015 was the peak year for the sale of boats and yachts in the US. So it’s back in vogue to tour America by boat or yacht or super and mega yacht and see all kinds of places. From the north down to the southern tip in Florida. From New York to Miami Florida. Or even to the coasts of Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean. Everywhere in America USA there are marinas and these are, despite the large number, all actively visited and successfully operated. The number of visitors is constantly increasing in American marinas all over North America. Nevertheless, there are circumstances that lead to the fact that a US marina must or should be sold.

    What are the reasons to sell a marina in North America?
    Of course, there are still good reasons to put your US marina up for sale. What would they be? Almost never are declining visitor numbers or financial problems the reason for deciding to sell, because generally marinas nationwide show increasing visitor numbers and just as much turnover.
    Probably the most frequently cited argument for selling a marina is the advancing age of the owner. Often, marinas are family businesses. If the next generation does not want to continue this family business, the marina will have to be sold. Abandonment of the marina due to illness or changes in personal circumstances may also be reasons for having to sell the boat marina.

    Information needed for a successful sale of US maria:
    In addition to the important information of which US state the marina for sale is located in, there is a lot of other important information that should definitely be conveyed to the potential buyer. This is mainly about the equipment of the marina and its size. In addition to the total size of the area, you should also indicate the size of the berths and the number of individual water and land berths. Be specific about how many berths are available for boats, how many for yachts, as well as super and megayachts, and how many for jet skis. Another criterion is the available supply stations for boats and yachts. You should mention whether there are also berths that have their own supply station. Furthermore, you should explain which rooms are available and with which equipment. This includes, for example, rooms with washing machines and dryers or separate changing rooms. If you want to sell your marina or marina, it is also important to go into detail about the public facilities of your place, such as restaurants on the place, supermarkets, restaurants, and also children’s playgrounds. Of course, the facilities of the bathhouse or bathhouses in the marina is also an important point that you should not neglect. If your marina is handicapped accessible, be sure to mention this as well. Likewise, access to the beach, the presence of a pool or the possibility to swim in a lake are also good selling points that should definitely be mentioned in your ad text. Also, a possibly existing charging station for electric cars should not be left unmentioned in this day and age, because often large trailers nowadays have small garages in which there is wonderful space for a small electric car.

    What clientele does your marina appeal to?
    In order for people who want to buy a marina to also have an indication of the clientele they might be dealing with in the future, it is important to provide you with information on this. Above all, the location of your marina is extremely interesting and should definitely be described in detail. If there are cultural centers or special sights in the immediate vicinity that serve as a magnet for visitors, mention them in detail. Is your marina, which you would like to sell, rather suitable for a bathing vacation or is it a pure Wellness marina, which is nicely located off the beaten track? Potential buyers need all this information to assess whether the purchase is worthwhile for them. But there are also other criteria that are important for the prospective buyer. For example, it is useful to mention which compatriots frequently visit the marina. If your marina is extremely frequently visited by any nation, you should mention that. If it is a mixed visitor audience, this can also be interesting for the buyer. Of course, the price that visitors pay for the place in high and low season is also crucial for the clientele there. Therefore, feel free to point out where your marina is priced. Specify whether your marina belongs to the luxury class, to the middle price segment or whether it is a relatively inexpensive marina. The more accurate your information, the better your chances of finding the right buyer in a timely manner.

    If you’re looking to buy a marina, having the seller’s exact details will help you make an informed preliminary decision before you visit the property and get an on-site impression.
    If you too would like to sell your marina or you know someone who would like to buy a marina, contact us with confidence. We will assist you with our many years of experience in word and deed and support you in the sale or purchase.

    Marinas in the US Nationwide
    Marine Project North America Real Estate – Theme Search
    Buy or sell your marina in the USA through our themed pages. For the real estate offerer and also for the salesman absolutely free of charge and without obligation and also commission-free. Only the buyer will be charged a local commission. Also for real estate agents, our advertisements and real estate listings are free of charge. As a real estate agent, we will make you an individual and non-binding offer on a commission-sharing basis for each prospective buyer referred to us for a marina sale in America. Real estate agents decide in each individual case whether or not to accept the prospect.
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    If you want to sell one of your properties, or even sell a special property competently with a professional broker or specialist agent, please contact us with confidence. We can select the best one for you from over 100 real estate agents worldwide affiliated with us. 

Do you know someone who wants to sell his marina in the USA? We will almost certainly find a buyer for it. If the property is not yet known to us and we are able to sell it successfully, you as the tipster will be entitled to a commission of 10% of the brokerage fee we earn.

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