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The Krakow facility will be located on the shore of the Vistula River

Poland’s Krakow has allocated funds from its 2021 budget to launch a much-awaited investment in a new marina in the country’s second-largest city.

The marina, which will be located on the shore of the Vistula River, is to be constructed under a project estimated to be worth some PLN 50m (US$13.5m). By the end of this year, Krakow will spend around PLN 500,000 (US$135,000) to kick off the project.

The city authorities are aiming to secure co-funding from the European Union that could reach up to 70% of the planned investment, according to local daily Gazeta Krakowska.

“This marina has been very much looked forward to in Krakow,” said Krystian Kapusta, president of local maritime industry association SAiIDW.

As part of the marina project, local authorities are planning to build a number of accompanying facilities, including a hotel and a spa.

Krakow has a population of around 780,000 inhabitants and is preceded only by Poland’s capital Warsaw. The city is located in the country’s southern region of Małopolska.

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