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A major new A$120m-plus marina project being developed at Port Hedland in Western Australia is set to take a major step forward in February with the issuance of a key dredging tender.

Called Spoilbank Marina, the project is being led by the Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA) and is due to be completed by late 2022. The PPA will own and operate the marina once it is complete.

The new marina is sited at the entrance of the port of Port Hedland, the world’s largest bulk export port, and it will be located next to the new Spoilbank Recreation Reserve. It is being dug out of a spit of land and the new dredging tender, which is significant for the whole project, will close on February 17, 2021.

The project involves four work package tenders of which Stage 1, related to the construction of the approach roads, has already been an issue and is underway.

The Stage 2 tenders will cover:

  • Excavation of the marina basin and internal revetments
  • Dredging of the new navigation channel and reclamation of some onshore areas
  • Sourcing of rock and construction of breakwaters and revetments
  • Marine structures to be constructed (boat ramp, marine pens)
  • Landside civil works to be delivered (carpark, internal roads and landscaping)

Spoilbank Marina is a long-discussed project and its development is being led by the PPA in association with the Department of Transport, Development WA, Pilbara Development Commission and Town of Port Hedland. The new facility is planned to alleviate demand on existing boat launching facilities, as well as improve access and safety for recreational boaters. It will also create a vibrant new amenity for the entire Port Hedland community to enjoy.

Spoilbank Marina will comprise:

  • A four-lane boat ramp
  • 21 boat-berth marina with the capacity to expand to 80 berths in the future
  • Separate entrance channel to the main shipping channel
  • Trailer parking for up to 200 vehicles
  • Maintenance hardstand
  • Publicly accessible breakwaters with a pedestrian path
  • Public recreation and event space and public amenities
  • Waterfront promenade
  • Public art and a cultural gathering space
  • Public fishing jetty
  • Swimming beach node

The Port Hedland Yacht Club and the Port Hedland Game Fishing Club will both be based at the new marina. It is anticipated that Spoilbank Marina will boost the local economy by some A$66m.

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