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From its foundation in 1993, Port Navy Service of France has grown to become the largest dry port in Europe which can handle over 1,000 yachts on land. Though already equipped with a 50-tonne travelift, a new gantry capable of handling ships up to 120 tonnes was delivered in 2020.

Port Navy Service of France provides dry dock storage for more than 1,000 yachts and plans to add 100 adjacent in-water berths. This powerful lifting equipment has been coupled to a dock capable of accommodating boats 8.15m wide and can transport catamarans up to 25T. To date, nearly 200 catamarans are stored on the site.
A telescopic crane can also handle masts up to 40m while a launching ramp 10m wide with a useful passage of 13m adds to the capability of the facility.

President Philippe Froment is quoted as saying: “We have not revolutionized anything. We have gradually developed our infrastructure by closely following the evolution of the pleasure craft market.
“In 2020, we inaugurated a new storage area with an area of 8 hectares. After in-depth work to ensure soil stability, and numerous field studies to service the site, we have installed water and electricity networks to supply dry boats, as well as a network of surveillance cameras. This new area allows us to store nearly 600 additional boats.”
And Froment plans to create a new floating port of around 100 berths, adjacent to the dry port.
For over 30 years, Port Navy Service has been providing dry berthing for both sailing and motor yachts, including catamarans and trimarans.

Situated on the Rhone estuary little more than an hour west of Marseille, the 22-hectare park has 15,000 square meters of shed space and caters for boats from 8m-35m.
The facility hosts several service companies including boat mechanics, riggers, electricians, and a chandlery. There’s also a restaurant and yacht club on site.

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