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The offer for cheap berths in the marina is as follows:


Dear current and former customers of Marina Roda de Bara,

we hope that you were satisfied with our service and prices.

Would you refer your good experiences to friends and recommend us?

With our “Refer a friend” program you reward yourself and those you have brought in as new – customers :

You as an advertiser will get from us a voucher from SVB ( ) in the amount of € 50 for each new customer with a contract of at least 6 months (e.g. our winter storage package).

The referred person receives a 5% – discount on his berth price.

On top of that, as MARINE PROJECT GROUP, we donate € 25 for each referred customer to UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund .

Would you like to participate? Then let’s go ….

All you have to do is complete the advertising form and send it to us by email. Download form here

In the case of the successful conclusion of the contract, you will automatically receive the SVB voucher and a confirmation of our donation in favor of UNICEF.

Good arguments to refer a friend, especially about our successful winter storage concept, you can found here:

Just forward this link …

We appreciate every bonus and donation that we can distribute!

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