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Mallorca Rig Repair and Maintenence: We produce rigging made to measure using the best materials. Our team, in Mallorca has long experience in the process of setting up rigs and their maintenance. Marine Project Mallorca can provide you with rod, wire or textile rigging. How long these last depends on the type of material they are made of. The most suitable rigging will depend on the type of boat and the use to which it is put. To help you make the right choice, our professionals will advise you on a personalized basis.

Types of rigging

Wire rigging: This is the most common in smaller sailing yachts. Replacing it is recommended after 12-15 years of use.
Rod rigging: This is stiffer than wire rigging. Our professional team will advise you about when to replace it, according to the length of your vessel, your kind of sailing, etc.
Textile rigging: This is the very latest in rigging. It is very light and has little elasticity. It use is increasingly common.
To ensure you make the most of your sailing, all the products we supply are of the highest quality, thereby ensuring greater strength and safety. At Marine Project we work with leading manufacturers so as to be able to offer you leading products.

Fitting of deck hardware

Service in Mallorca: We have extensive experience in the design and fitting of deck layouts, which enables us to adapt each vessel to the requirements of the customer to obtain optimum results. We do all kinds of work with sheets, ropes, and mooring lines. Our team of professionals will help you to find the best possible rope for its function, both for professional yachtsmen and for amateurs.
Materials for the sheets, ropes, and mooring lines. At Marine Project we work with the leading brand names on the market to satisfy the needs of each yachtsman. Our specialists will make you up any order for rope work you want, whether this be for mooring lines, or halyards, sheets, etc., with the maximum possible strength and durability. Here at Marine Project we also undertake work in leather. Marine Project deals in the best makes of winches from the best suppliers. We provide a complete winch installation and fitting service adapted to each boat in Mallorca.

Winch maintenance

Service in Mallorca: For a winch to work well, it needs to be correctly installed and have the regular maintenance that our professionals can give it. The maintenance procedures that we put into practice are not only rigorous but appropriate to guarantee its strength and long working life. We fit sail furling systems that are fast, simple and reliable for every type of vessel. There are many different sail furling systems on the market but we will advise you to help you make the right choice for your requirements.
Furling systems. Marine Project Mallorca works with the most innovative brand names selling hard-wearing furlers. We take every parameter into account when fitting a sail furling system so that sailors can be assured of smooth and safe sailing experience. We handle masts for sale built by the best manufacturers in the market. We have, in Mallorca, a great deal of experience working with both aluminum and high-quality carbon masts for every size of boat.

Mast stepping

Service in Mallorca: The correct fitting of the different components that comprise the mast is vital to ensure the durability of the materials. Equally essential is adjusting the standing rigging properly to optimise its performance. We specialise (in Mallorca) in hydraulic systems and have an extensive range of the leading makes available. We offer in Mallorca a complete, overall service for the different systems.

Maintenance of the hydraulic systems

Service in Mallorca: We have, in Mallorca, some of the best technicians and qualified mechanics to be found and they will provide you with service for all brands, in addition to advice about and maintenance of the different hydraulic systems of the vessel. Marine Project undertakes any type of metalwork to order, not only pieces made to measure in stainless steel but also welding of any type of metal; our metalworkers have officially approved qualifications enabling them to carry out any type of welding on board. Our professionals will advise you on and design for you any idea you want to put in to effect on your boat. Our polishing and finishes are an example of our guarantee.


We work with the best brand names and leading manufacturers in the sector with the aim of achieving excellence and offering our customers the quality and the service they deserve: Service and maintenance: Control, maintenance and cleaning of rolling mills and masts up to 30 mtr. Length in modern heated masts workshop. Checking and replacing of standing and moving goods, wire rolling work, maintenance of mast winches, sheaves and fittings, a supply of accessories and spare parts such as spi rails, end fittings, etc. Refurbishing and preserving anodized and painted masts of all makes.

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