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Sanlorenzo launches new X-Space explorer series

A new superyacht explorer model series called the X-Space has been launched by Italian superyacht builder Sanlorenzo and the first four hulls of the initial 44m (144ft) yacht are already in build at La Spezia.

The new SL X-Space is a large volume, five-deck craft with a full displacement hull and weighing in at 495 GT. The X-Space includes a number of new features which Sanlorenzo says reflects its ‘profound ability’ to respond to meeting market demand. The X-Space represents “a new type of superyacht, designed for expert owners who love to explore faraway destinations, without relinquishing the unmistakable elegance of Sanlorenzo’s lines.”

The X-Space concept is of ‘a floating villa’ but with one deck being exclusively for the owner it also offers ‘an apartment in the villa’. The Upper deck serves as the owner’s private space offering maximum privacy that is independent from the other areas. It includes a study, living room and a large master cabin framed by glass walls, which overlooks a private deck at the bow, a 30sq m sunbed area which includes a swimming pool.

So far two X-Spaces have been sold with a third in build and a fourth planned. The first delivery is scheduled for in 2023. The X-Space while being an explorer is also seen as a crossover model with similarities to a classic navette. The lines of the X-Space are said to reflect the DNA and history of Sanlorenzo.

The Studio Zuccon International Project produced the exterior profile while the interiors have been designed by Piero Lissoni.

In designing the exterior Bernardo Zuccon collaborated closely with the Sanlorenzo team. He stated: “I think it has never been so important as it has in this project to seek to identify with the owner, who will be the great commander of this boat, hence the desire to create an entire deck dedicated to their needs.”

He suggested: “This is a solution that is normally found on larger boats and it shows that this is a yacht where the owner will have the great luxury of being able to spend a lot of time on board. I’ve always thought that architecture is the primary tool to allow man to live better, and in this case the X-Space project was born with the desire not to create a wonderful floating structure, but to create a wonderful vessel for life.”

Lissoni commented: “The X-SPACE has been forced to become a boat almost entirely made of glass: there are large panes of glass, large windows and some of the cabins no longer even have portholes but glass walls. The interior has forced its hand on the exterior and the exterior has been so elastic and so well designed that the interior has almost adapted itself in a totally natural way.”

He added: “I think this is the most innovative language I’ve seen on a superyacht to date and it has made it possible to create a compact boat but with extraordinary proportions and the unique quality of Sanlorenzo.”

In terms of the new features on-board, these are highlighted in the aft area on the main deck of the X-Space that includes a large multi-tasking terrace with an 18sq m swimming pool overlooking the sea, which can be closed off during transfers or while in the marina. An open-air living room, available to the owner and guests, can be extended by another 18m2 thanks to the folding balconies and which is connected to the living area inside.

The movement of the wheelhouse to the bridge deck allows the upper deck to be the private owner’s deck but also allows for a socialising/dining area right at the top of the yacht. In addition to the master stateroom on the upper deck, there are four guest suites on the lower deck.

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