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Yacht survey


Yacht survey - how does it work?

Xavier Jacqueline
Yacht Surveys

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At Marine Project, we have a licensed yacht inspector, Xavier Jaqueline. No matter if you want to sell or buy a yacht, you probably cannot get around an expert report. A survey will tell you what is particularly important.

Below is a brief explanation of the services we offer from the Marine Project. If you would like to commission a survey, please contact us.


Purchase yacht survey & insurance survey

We have summarised the important points that are suitable, either for a survey report before the purchase or a report for your insurance according to your insurance company mandate for the required details. In some cases, only an update of the current aspects is required.
The survey will cover most of the point below. And bear in mind that it is different from boat to boat.
Call us to talk about specific ships and requirements.

General visual yacht inspection

– Osmosis inspection & humidity measurements. (GRP)
– Hammer test
– An external and internal structure
– Scantting, framing & reinforcement
– Attachments for chain plates, keel, main deck hardware
– Openings, connections, Hatches
– Skin fittings and sea cocks
– Steering gear
– Deck equipment
– Basic unit

– Strands, guide-rails, stays
– Masts sparing & rigging
– Sails (Usually not hoisted or fully laid out).
– Gas installations (visual inspection, not pressure tested)
– Fuel installations (tanks opening/pressure tested)
– Fire fighting equipment
– Water installations (tanks opening/pressure tested)
– Toilet installations
– Bilge pumps
– Machines & Electrical equipment

General external inspection of installation, girders, hoses, fuel system, rudders. Switchboards, batteries, and electrical equipment, the operation only.

Hull: External Inspection & Review of Osmosis

Visual inspection, removal of anti-fouling test areas, Moisture Meter checks with Tramex. Inspection / assessment of blistering.Osmosis inspection & humidity measurements. (GRP, wood)

Appraisals for the insurance

You are already the owner of the boat: survey report for the insurance cover. As a general rule, a copy of the surveyreport is required to obtain insurance as a reference.

Sea Trail

A test drive is an important part of the rating of a ship. In particular, engine performance, handling characteristics and boat controls can be assessed. While a pre-purchase survey will, of course, be a test drive, Marine Project is often asked to take a test drive for an opinion on vibration, engine noise, and exhaust, shaft vibration and leaking of shaft seals and gland. All hull fittings, steering, rigging, and instruments are tested for functionality and serviceability. Electronic devices are also tested for accuracy where possible.

Damage assessment

If your ship was involved in an incident and you need an independent inspection and evaluation of repair costs

Various inspections

Independent supervision of repair work, new construction, delivery and overhaul of boats as well as proof and documentation of the performed work.

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