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Experts with deep knowledge in Yacht charter, Marinas and Management

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Meet our Executive Team. Specialists in Yacht-Charter, Sales and Marinas
Meet our Executive Team. Specialists in Yacht-Charter, Sales and Marinas

Darius Wozniak

CEO & Founder
Marine Project GROUP
Marine Project Inc

Christa Wild

CTO & Founder
Marine Project Inc.
+49 152 54637257

Nataša Farkić

Deputy CEO
Marine Project (SRB)
+381 60 3354 449

Nico Wild

Charter Fleet Manager
Palma de Malorca (ES)
+34 635 361 563

Francois De Lafontaine

Office Seychelles
Mahé, Victoria (SYC)
+248 2514469

Xavier Jacqueline

Lloyd's Marine Survey
Palma de Mallorca (ES)
Victoria (SYC)
+34 692 090 097
+248 251 44 69

Christian Hausser

Marina Senior Consultant
Palma de Mallorca (ES)
+34 661 680 277

Aleksa Luković

Marina Consultant
Miami FL (USA)
Office Boston MA
+1 305 607 2237

Miloš Jakšić

Products & Innovation
Novi Sad (SRB)
Meet Our Team | Marine Project

Marine Project Inc.

USA | North & South America
990 Biscayne Blvd Office 503
33132 Miami, Florida

Marine Project Charter S.L

Spain | Western Mediterranean
Carrer de Bartomeu Rosselló-Porcel, 2c
07014 Palma Balearic Islands

Marine Project Charter d.o.o

Croatia | Eastern Mediterranean
Baotic Marina Don Petra Špike 2a
21218 Seget Donji (Trogir), Croatia

Marine Project Seychelles Ltd

Seychelles | Africa & Asia
Eden Island Marina
POB 1452 Victoria

Marine Project Marketing & Management

Marketing & Management
Bulevar Evrope 36
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
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    Marine Project legal advisors:

    We also have in-house legal advisors, allowing us to respond quickly, independently, and cost-efficiently to any legal questions and issues from reviewing tender contract clauses. Our lawyers always speak the national language as well as English or German.

    Specialized Local Lawyers permanently working for Marine Project in:

        Portugal Lisboa
        Spain Palma
        Italy Sterzing
        England London
        Croatia Split

        Greece Alexandroupoli
        USA Miami
        Turkey Istanbul
        Seychelles Victoria


    Darius Wozniak
    CEO & Founder | Marine Project Group


    Darius Wozniak, born on 20.08.1966 in Thorun Poland. Married, 3 children.

    Having spend a career looking at more marina financial statements, analyzing more marina deals, and speaking to more marina owners than I can count , the thought of establishing a marina consulting company seemed, like a logical progression. Sure, emotion is frequently a part of buying commercial real estate, but with marinas it takes on a whole different life of its own. Waterfront real estate is expensive, so its no wonder that there seems to be almost an infinite number of ways to justify an overly height purchase price. By overly high, I mean a purchase price that incurs debt that is not supported by the income present at the time of sale. For many marina purchases, this is their only investment, so buying wrong affects their personal financial future and that of their families, directly or indirectly. There just has to be a better way to look at marina investments.

    No one would argue that marinas are business occupied properties. The operative word here is business. Yet there is a very great disconnect between marinas and how they are viewed by lenders, REITs and commercial investors.

    One reason why marina investing is so varied and subjective is that most marina owners have little or no investment analysis background. Conversely, many lenders and commercial real estate investors have little knowledge of the marina business. Marine Project is the bridge that connects both camps.

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