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Marina Investment


Ports of Andalusia have carried out updates in their port installations for the improvement and modernisation of their services

The Regional Ministry of Development, Infrastructures and Territorial Planning, through the Andalusian Public Ports Agency (APPA), has invested a total of 6,496,973 euros in the seven port facilities it manages directly in 2020: Ayamonte, El Rompido, El Terrón, Isla Cristina, Mazagón, Punta Umbría and Sanlúcar de Guadiana. These ports have an important volume of maritime traffic, with 384 fishing boats and 1,655 moorings for both fishing and sport boats.

The aim of all these actions is to improve port services and facilities by investing in their infrastructures and improving their operability in order to maintain a productive port system in the right conditions of safety and operability. Of the total investment made in the province of Huelva, the port of Ayamonte received 1,120,678 euros; Sanlúcar de Guadiana, 530,585; Isla Cristina, 2,764,844; Punta Umbría, 1,614,607 euros; El Terrón 157,147 euros in the paving of the marina and net laying area and the adaptation of the light sailing ramp in the port of Mazagón for 8,909 euros. In addition, several actions have been carried out that affect several ports in the province, such as the improvement of the fishing surveillance facilities for a value of 172,203 euros and the improvement of the structures of the jetties in Ayamonte, Isla Cristina and Mazagón for 128,000 euros.

This important investment and those that will be made in the next few years are focused on several lines of action, the first of which is the improvement of fishing infrastructures such as shellfish purification centres, the installation of structures that guarantee the work of nets with the necessary safety conditions for people, and improvements in the habitability of rooms for shipowners, installation of equipment that will allow a better management of fishing gear destined to any of the operational fishing gear, improvement of services in the fish markets managed directly by the Andalusian Regional Government, repair and improvement of mooring facilities for small-scale artisanal fleets and installation of surveillance modules for the control of fishing landed, among others.

Part of the investment is aimed at environmental improvements in the control of effluents and energy and consumption savings, both in buildings and port facilities, and at being able to complete the dredging of navigation channels more efficiently. In addition, action has been taken on the protection elements of the port enclosures and on the entire port building system which, due to the intense aggressive conditions of the marine environment, require periodic improvement actions.

In 2020, several actions have been undertaken in the port of Isla Cristina, including the completion of work on the mollusc purification centre, which has involved an investment of 853,445 euros, providing the fishing port with a complete system for the purification of bivalve molluscs attached to the fish market. An esplanade has been prepared in the sports dock with an investment of 145 euros. 200 euros; the paving of the Martínez Catena road with more than 48,000 euros invested and the repair of the riverside quay has been undertaken with a significant investment of 1,718,200 euros.

In the port of Punta Umbría, with a total investment in 2020 of 1,614,607 euros, various actions have been undertaken, among which we can highlight the setting up of a mollusc purification centre with a budget of 885,634 euros; work on a floating mooring line for fishing boats for 580,800 euros; improvement work on the canoe quay for 48,173 euros. In addition, actions have been carried out to adapt the offices of the fish market and to fit out the quay for waiting for passengers to board in Plaza Pérez Pastor for 100,000 euros.

In the port of Ayamonte, action has been taken to improve security at boarding terminals with a budget of 447,775 euros; the repair of the Punta del Moral dock with an investment of 513,750 euros and the repair of the Muelle de Portugal dock for 159,153 euros.

On the other hand, in the Huelva river port of Sanlúcar de Guadiana, work has been carried out to extend it by 96 linear metres through the construction of an aluminium pontoon fixed by piles, which has involved an investment of 530,585 euros and is 75% co-financed by European Feder funds within the framework of the Spain-Portugal Interreg Programme (POCTEP) 2014-2020.

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