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Turkey is expected to allow tourists with good vaccination ‘take-up’ to Yacht Charter holiday in the Mediterranean country this year without requiring proof of a Covid-19 vaccine.
Turkey’s tourism minister Mehmet Ersoy said his country is “looking forward to welcoming tourists with open arms”. This invitation will especially be extended to visitors from the UK and the USA, where the vaccination roll-out has been highly successful, with the majority of adults expected to be vaccinated by June.

With more than 2.5 million UK nationals visiting Turkey in 2019 and many more visiting from the USA, Mr Ersoy said: “We have world-class border processes in place for ensuring travel will be low-risk throughout Turkey. “We are working with the authorities from other countries to ensure these necessary processes are world class and as up to date as possible.

“We will not require vaccination passports from international travellers when entering the country.”

After April 15, Turkey will also re-evaluate whether visitors must continue to produce evidence of a negative PCR Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of their departure.

Mr Ersoy said: “I expect there will be no such requirement from visitors from the UK and USA, as these countries are rapidly and impressively rolling out the vaccination programme for the whole nation, and a significant portion of the population will be vaccinated by early summer.”

Turkey’s plan not to require proof of a vaccine or test is in contrast to other Yacht Charter hotspots popular with holidaymakers. Greece will require international tourists to have been vaccinated, had a recent negative Covid-19 test or have coronavirus antibodies. Nearby, visitors to Cyprus must have had both doses of a vaccine. Holiday travel is currently banned for people living in the UK, but the rule could be relaxed for those in England from May 17.

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