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Every one of us in the Marine Project team is giving our best to make our clients happy. So, the luxury charter is all about your happiness. A holiday on a luxury yacht means fulfilling your dreams, making memories. A luxury vacation on a yacht charter offers complete luxury, privacy, and security.

Healthy charter

You want to stay in shape during your vacation, why not?! Luxury charter vacation can offer more than that.
Just think, you have your own highly skilled chef who can make anything you want – from the latest Keto diet to vegan fare. Need a gluten-free or dairy-free diet? Your personal chefs can make for you any request to meet your needs and to help keep you in shape.
Many luxury yachts also have well-equipped gyms and workout equipment with beautiful views looking out over a turquoise sea. Instead of a drab wall of the gym, there’s a panoramic window with a view of an azure sea and a white beach lined by palm trees.
Modern yacht crew is multi-talented, so you may have an experienced personal trainer to work with you to tone up, slim down and feel better. Complementing this is a crew with massage training as well as yoga or pilates teachers. If there is an extra cabin aboard, or maybe one of your friends on board is the trainer. How much equipment is available will depend on the size of the yacht, of course, so check with your charter broker about what specific equipment is available, but whatever is there, you can expect the best quality gear.

Gym-on-yacht - healty charter

Beyond the basic equipment, most yacht fitness areas not only have spectacular views but hammams and even a spa pool to ease aching muscles. Some offer sliding doors for fresh air to waft in, while others are set on the beach club on the lower deck, so you can cool off with a quick swim in the sea right after a workout. Many of the yachts refer to these as “wellness areas,” since they often combine spa and beauty treatment spaces as well. Even though you’ll have a wellness center aboard, don’t forget that you’re floating in Mother Nature’s exercise area. Taking a swim daily, regardless of whether it’s swimming, snorkeling or diving, is a total body workout that can buff up your arms and back while burning calories at the same time. There is also a lot of water toys which are excellent for your upper body and core strength as well as your balance.

Spa-on yacht - healty charter

A family charter

Yachts might be fun for adults, but for kids, they are even better. Parents may worry about the safety of their children on a yacht, a yacht is surrounded by a giant swimming pool, but the crew is fully prepared to handle any safety concerns. Some yachts are also equipped with baby gates on stairwells or add safety nets around the decks for protection when small children are aboard. Life jackets will be available in sizes to fit youngsters comfortably and will quickly seem natural to them when in and around the water. Kids can ride a huge inflatable slide into the ocean, follow a treasure map on a hunt for pirate’s gold and enjoy elaborate theme dinners put on by the crew. A yacht charter is a way for families to enjoy quality time like no other, creating everlasting memories.

Family charter

A luxury charter yacht is like a big toy chest. Most carry an entire fleet of water toys: inflatable banana boats for wild-ride towing, to tubes and rafts. Snorkel gear is available in small sizes, and the crew is trained to teach the kids to snorkel and will accompany them for safety. Video games can raise a question: some parents want them, while others want to wean their children away from the electronic world. But, as a replacement, that crew keeps the kids fully engaged with adventure tours, shelling and playing with water toys. A chef can make the cooking class, officers can let kids assist him in running the yacht, some of them can take kids ashore, to search for secret treasure…. The crew aren’t babysitters but understand that parents need some private time, so they can take care of children and make them time happy.
Luxury yacht crew are prepared to provide adventures for the children, such as a game of miniature beach golf or an island picnic. Chocolate fountains, treasure hunts, jet ski races… it sounds like a lot of fun. Your kids will return home with plenty to “show-and-tell” in school, from shells discovered on beaches to pictures of dolphins jumping in the yacht’s wake. And as every parent knows, if they are happy, you are happy, too.

Adventure charter

Some people choose luxury charter to see and be seen, others are those who crave new adventures. If you choose adventure charter, you can explore incredible dive sites in the most remote island chains. Kite-surfing in Montenegro or Croatia, or some other exotic destination. Whatever type of adventures you like, this can be something physically demanding, a chance to engage in their favorite sport in a new place, or perhaps something more mentally stimulating – traveling off the beaten track and seeing and experiencing something entirely different. Adventure comes in many forms and for those with an adventurous spirit, a luxury charter yacht is just the thing to take you there.
Imagine watching the Northern Lights from the deck of your own private yacht. Or maybe getting up close and personal with penguins in Antarctica is more your thing – there you can nudge up to an iceberg to chip off thousand-year-old ice for your evening gin and tonic. Or venturing up a steaming jungle river through a tropical rainforest in Thailand. Perhaps you’d prefer to play the best golf course in the Caribbean, with your yacht taking you there. No matter the adventurous notions, a yacht is just the ticket for the ultimate fun time.

Northern-Lights-adventure charter

When it comes to adventure, the wilder the better. Want to swim with giant whale sharks in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez? Fish for piranhas in the Amazon? Helicopter into a mountain stream and cast a fly, and then have your catch grilled for dinner aboard your yacht? Explore the sunken warships in Micronesia’s Truk Lagoon? Want to see polar bears and reindeer and; marvel at the aurora borealis? All of this and so much more is waiting for you on your luxury adventure charter.

Diving-adventure charter

Explore New Caledonia, with its huge barrier reef, or Thailand, to visit the sea gypsy villages on stilts. Planning a true adventure – a voyage to the Antarctic or a drift along the Pacific’s remotest shores – gives a special purpose to a charter. Your broker, captain and adventure charter specialists will know it takes local knowledge to find the best concentrations of wildlife and that a guide will enhance a remote cruising experience, so you’ll never miss a polar bear sighting. You can find dolphin and penguins around New Zealand’s wild South Island, and only 32 of the 177 islands of Tonga are inhabited, so they remain much as when Captain Cook first saw them on his travels more than 200 years ago. An adventure charter can be whatever you make it, from a trip brimming with energetic activities to one of relaxed discovery and contemplation. Whatever your taste for exploration, there is a luxury charter yacht equipped and positioned to whet your appetite.

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