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Yacht Brokerage


  1. Simply tell us what kind of boat you are looking for and we will find the best match for you via our network.
  2. We take the time to visit the boat and check facts, including the condition and specification of the boat. We meet the seller or broker and ask for details of the boat.
  3. We carry out the survey and the boat is subjected to sea trial by a professional boat surveyor who will thoroughly inspect all details and provide you with a comprehensive technical survey report.
  4. We negotiate with the seller and broker on your behalf. We guarantee you will get the best price and condition for your purchase.
  5. If you want to repair or do some service work on your boat, we will work with professional boat technicians to get the job done.
  6. We will arrange and manage the entire shipping and delivery process for you. The boat will be delivered to your home or marina.
Please contact us we will find just the right boat for you.

Marine Project Brokerage is a yacht export and import management company located 3 x in Europe 1 x USA and 1 office in Asia/Africa. We provide a full project management service for customers who want to export boats from Europe to another country. There are a lot of boats that are exported worldwide from Europe every year. Unfortunately, overseas buyers are spending tremendous time and effort to purchase a boat because of many restrictions and barriers. A lot of processes are involved in purchasing such as boat searching, inspection, negotiation, paperwork, repair, and shipping.

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