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Test diesel bacteria


Clogged fuel filters, engine failures or polluted tanks are the result of microorganisms. So-called fuel bugs.

The diesel plague manifests itself ominously in the fact that it slumbers in the tank for a long time without being noticed. Only when the diesel tank is really “shaken up” in strong waves does the sticky mass reach the intake manifold of the fuel line. From there it is transported towards the fuel filter causing dangerous situations due to engine failure.

Do you want to make sure that your fuel is not contaminated? MARINE PROJECT offers to test your fuel reliably for microorganisms with the Microbe Monitor GMF test kit for € 75 per tank.

Battery check


Batteries are vital for boats, nothing works without electricity.

Now is the right time to check the condition of your batteries on board.

A simple voltmeter, like the one installed on most boats, does not help. Even if the pointer of the voltage display is in the “green area”, the battery can be empty. The voltmeter only shows the current battery voltage, and it can still be above the 12 V mark even when the battery is almost empty.

A regular, comprehensive battery check is therefore advisable in order to detect an impending failure of the battery before it finally comes to a complete breakdown.

MARINE PROJECT offers you a complete battery check with capacity and condition test for €10 per battery. You will receive the results as a printout from the integrated printer of our professional test device, which is also used by the ADAC in Germany.


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