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Feadship 84m Superyacht Obsidian, Setting New Standards in Carbon Reduction and Sustainability

Photo Credits: Feadship

Feadship has recently delivered the 84.2-meter superyacht called Obsidian, also known as Feadship 710. This remarkable vessel represents the first of Feadship’s new generation of large yachts designed to significantly reduce carbon emissions. To achieve this, Obsidian boasts several innovative features.

The superyacht’s exterior design and interior architecture were developed by RWD in collaboration with Monk Design, while the naval architecture was handled by De Voogt Naval Architects. The goal was to create a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly superyacht compared to Feadship’s groundbreaking hybrid yacht, Savannah.

Photo Credits: Feadship
Photo Credits: Feadship

Obsidian’s hull has been meticulously optimized for cruising speed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Its low and slim design, made from lightweight carbon-fiber materials, reduces overall weight and enhances performance.

In pursuit of carbon neutrality, Feadship worked closely with Bram Jongepier, Senior Designer at Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects, and utilized the Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI) to assess the yacht’s carbon profile and environmental impact. This collaboration resulted in a Joint Industry Project (JIP) in association with the Water Revolution Foundation, which involved numerous major partners from the yachting industry.

Photo Credits: Feadship
Photo Credits: Feadship

Feadship is committed to creating carbon-neutral superyachts by 2030, and the delivery of Obsidian marks a significant step towards this ambitious goal. The yacht is estimated to have 27 percent less total environmental impact than similar-sized yachts launched just five years ago when operated with fossil fuel and an impressive 60 percent less impact when using HVO (non-fossil diesel fuel).

Obsidian’s propulsion system relies on Feadship’s Advanced Electrical Drive (FAED) program for diesel-electric hybrid power. With 4.5 times more electrical storage capacity than Savannah, Obsidian’s design eliminates the need for drive shafts and rudders, thus reducing drag.

The superyacht is powered by a 4.5 MWh battery bank, charged by four generators, and operates on a 1,000-volt electrical system, making it fully electric. The use of Veth contra-rotating thrusters enhances efficiency and minimizes vibration. Thanks to these advancements, Obsidian can comfortably cruise at 35 nautical miles at 10 knots using just her batteries. Moreover, while at anchor, the batteries provide silent operation for 10-15 hours.

YETI analysis revealed that approximately 60 percent of energy consumption on Obsidian is attributed to powering the onboard lifestyle. To address this, the team implemented several innovations, including peak load shaving and reducing HVAC demand. Waste heat captured from generators and AC chillers is used as carbon-free energy.

Photo Credits: Feadship
Photo Credits: Feadship

The interior layout has been thoughtfully optimized to accommodate seven staterooms. Obsidian features an asymmetrical atrium staircase leading to a lower deck dining saloon, which opens up to a terrace view just 75cm above sea level. Intriguingly, none of the interior rooms (except for the staterooms) have any 90-degree angles, and unique elements like a hidden staircase to a study and a sunken lounge on the main deck add to its appeal.

Obsidian also offers innovative amenities, including an ‘Aqua Lounge’ with large windows below water level that can double as a cinema or even a classroom. Instead of a mooring deck, the yacht features a bow observation lounge with double-curved glass floor-to-ceiling windows, providing breathtaking views.

Both of Obsidian’s tenders are electric-powered and custom-made by Tenderworks. The yacht is equipped with four fast charging stations, allowing the tenders to be charged either in the water or in the tender garage. Overall, Obsidian represents a major stride towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious superyachts in the yachting industry.


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