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Floating wetlands

Port water restructuring without chemicals

Recent years have demonstrated the challenges faced by many ports dealing with blue-green algae, attributed to elevated water nutrient levels, increased water temperatures, poor oxygen levels, and overall low water quality. Floating wet islands provide a natural solution by introducing plant islands to restore port waters, all without the use of chemicals. These floating aquatic plants have proven to function as a natural sewage treatment system, thanks to their extensive hanging roots that enhance water quality.


Restoration of water bodies and create compensation areas. Especially under difficult shore conditions.

Bank protection

Bank protection due to shaft-absorbing properties of the floating plant islands.

Retention Basin

Planting of rainwater retention basins by floating plant islands. As the plant islands swim, they adapt perfectly to the strong water fluctuations.

Fish population

Protect and increase the fish stock. Fish find shelter below the plant island. The roots also offer an ideal spawning ground.


The landscape is made attractive by the plant islands. Depending on the plant compilation, different coloured flowers can grow.

Water quality

The roots hanging in the water can absorb nutrients directly from the water. In addition, a large biofilm is formed on the roots. The biofilm is the "polluting conne" of nature and leads to increased water quality through self-cleaning.

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