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Vulcano yacht charter itinerary

1. Capo d'Orlando to Vulcano

Once you reach Vulcano, the first thing to do is climb the crater where the view awaits you: a complete panorama of the whole island and its six other sisters! And if the sky is clear, you can also see Messina’s Tyrrhenian coast very well


  • Swimming in the mud baths
  • Vulcano crater
  • Island's ancient ruins
  • Black sand beaches
  • Diving in the crystal-clear waters
Lipari yacht charter itinerary

2. Vulcano to Lipari

Look at the view from the old church of Quattropani in Lipari. The effort taken to reach this small church will certainly be rewarded by an extraordinary view of Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi. If you plan the excursion to enjoy the sunset, you will find a moment of pure happiness. As well as its charming harbour town Lipari has a beautiful coastline, beaches, and beautifully clear blue-green waters. Most beach lovers head a short distance north of Lipari town to the pebble beach at Canneto, and you can continue further north to the white sandy beach at Spiaggia Bianca.


  • Lipari Archaeological Museum
  • Church of Quattropani
  • Hiking through the island's countryside
  • Island's ancient ruins
  • Spiaggia delle Murene
Salina yacht charter itinerary

3. Lipari to Salina

Although the rocky beaches of Salina are clearly of volcanic origin, today the island is very quiet. Just think of the olive groves, the caper bushes, the luxuriant trees full of figs and citrus fruits. Salina is a place that sends the taste buds into ecstasy with nature’s sweetest and saltiest delicacies. At the end of each meal, a sip of Malvasia, the typical dessert wine of these islands, will enhance the pleasures of good food. For a break between meals, you can explore the stone streets, the pebble beaches and the two dormant volcanoes for 13,000 years.


  • Island's vineyards and Malvasia wine
  • Local cuisine
  • Town of Santa Marina Salina
  • Monte dei Porri, the highest point on the island
  • Pollara village, the location of the movie "Il Postino."
Panarea yacht charter itinerary

4. Salina to Panarea

Panarea is unequivocally beautiful. Its streets are adorned with bougainvillea, as well as olive and lemon trees, which are all native to the island. The limestone backstreets will entice you to explore; discover idyllic cafes, local bakeries, and stores selling handmade jewelry. And don’t expect to see any cars – golf buggies reign supreme here, save for the odd Vespa zipping by.

Panarea’s geographic location makes it a good place for scuba diving. There are plenty of diving spots around the island that are famous for their colorful sea life. There is also a location close to the island where visitors can dive to explore the remains of a shipwreck.


  • Diving
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Church of San Pietro
  • Basiluzzo island
  • Punta Milazzese
Stromboli yacht charter itinerary

5. Panarea to Stromboli

Explore Stromboli. Stromboli is counted as one of the most active volcanoes on earth and one of the three hikeable active volcanos in Italy. The island is magical and it’s one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world. Stromboli is continuously active and so it is very important that you never try to climb to the crater without a local guide and never leave the paths. If you wish to trek to the top then you do need to be reasonably fit and have walking boots, carry water etc. Walking boots can be rented locally if you arrived without any


  • Stromboli active Vulcano
  • Black sand beaches
  • Stromboli village
  • Scuba diving
  • Delicious seafood
Filicudi yacht charter itinerary1

6. Stromboli to Filicudi

Set sail from Stromboli towards Filicudi, yet another Aeolian island that offers stunning natural surroundings. Another place best suited for hiking and exploring, the island offers an extensive network of hiking trails scattered across the island. Visit the western shore of the island and visit the stunning Grotta del Bue Marino, a massive sea cave. Capo Graziano, on the island’s eastern coast, is the main port and houses the remains of a prehistoric village dating back almost 2,000 years.

A classical classic of the summer of Filicudi is the evening aperitif at The Saloon, managed for decades by Uncle Nino Triolo, now run by his newphews. The Saloon is very popular, everyone comes down from the boats, arrives from the other islands to have an aperitif there, meet some VIPs, find friends, drinks some malvies, eat munch pistachios, sip off good white wine by the sea, pampered by the rhythmic waving of the waves, wrapped in a surreal atmosphere with the darkness that approximate after sunset, between colors changing between intense blue, red, orange and pink.


  • Hiking and exploring
  • Grotta del Bue Marino, a massive sea cave.
  • Capo Graziano
  • Nightout at The Saloon
  • Scuba diving
Alicudi yacht charter itinerary

7. Filicudi to Alicudi and Alicudi to Capo d'Orlando

Alicudi is the westernmost of the Aeolian Islands, about  34 nautical miles west of Lipari. The island is dominated by Mount Filo dell’Arpa, an extinct volcano of about 5 Km2, which covers the entire island and offers unforgettable views: in fact, from above you are immersed in a landscape made of the crystalline and black sea. Not  far from here, it is possible to visit the Timpone delle Femmine, a natural castle once used as a refuge against the raids of privateers and pirates.


  • Contrada Tonna
  • Church of Carmine
  • The Thread of the Harp
  • Cala della Fucile Beach
  • Scuba diving

Disembarking in Capo d'Orlando

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