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Virgin Gorda Baths Itinerary BVI For Charter Yachting

1. BVI - Beef Island - Virgin Gorda Baths

Embark at Beef Island, a stone’s throw away from Tortola airport, and the ideal spot to meet your charter yacht at anchor. Set sail for the Virgin Gorda Baths where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of the Virgin Islands, and explore the underwater surroundings by snorkeling. The bay is calm at night and offers a beautiful sunset to watch whilst enjoying a fantastic dinner prepared by your chef.

Prickly Pear Island Itinerary BVI For Charter Yachting

2. Beef Island - Prickly Pear Island

Sail just north of Virgin Gorda by following the lush coast-line up until Bitter End Yacht Club, where you can visit the great bars and restaurants which line the waterfront, and practice kitesurfing at Prickly Pear. You can also catch a glimpse of Sir Richard Branson’s famous private Necker Island. The vast, sheltered bay offers a variety of anchorages and areas for water sports for all the fam-ily to enjoy in complete security and an idyllic setting.

Jost Van Dijk Itinerary BVI For Charter Yacht

3. Prickly Pear Island - Jost Van Dijk

Set course for Jost Van Dijk by sailing through the small islands of the Northern Virgin Islands, from Dog Island to Guana Island via Great Camanoe and Scrub Island: a 20 nautical mile trip carried by the trade winds. Spend the night at anchor in Great Harbour Bay and discover the famous restaurant “Foxy’s Beach” and its atmosphere which makes it unique to the West Indies.

Saint James Island BVI Itinerary For Charter Yacht

4. Jost Van Dijk - Saint James Island

Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands and the famous St. James Island via Grand Cruz Bay. Here you can taste locally caught fish and lobsters, prepared by your crew. The USVIs are also made up of a multitude of beaches with sandy banks and lush vegetation that offer an infinite number of route options according to your desires, with-out ever retracing your steps and instead discovering new horizons at each stage of the trip.

Coral Bay Harbor

5. Saint James Island - Coral Bay

Sail to Coral Bay to enjoy breakfast in an ethereal an-chorage. For lunch, your crew could organize a BBQ pic-nic on the beach for you to enjoy. Afterwards, make the most of a long afternoon of lazing around, swimming, snorkeling, and water sports, before returning to your charter yacht for dinner and a custom cocktail made according to your preferences.

Peter Island Itinerary BVI For Charter Yacht

6. Coral Bay - Peter Island

Follow the wind in the calm and protected waters of Tortola and reach Peter Island, one of the most beautiful anchorages of this small archipelago with turquoise wa-ters and pristine beaches. Make the most of your yacht’s jet skis and paddle boards before returning on board for lunch. In the afternoon, take the opportunity to explore the beaches of Norman Island a few miles further south.

Ginger Island Itinerary BVI For Charter Yacht

7. Peter Island - Salt to Copper to Ginger Island

Continue your path to Salt Island, Copper Island and Ginger Island; the landscapes of these small islands, which are part of the Rhone National Marine Park, will take your breath away. Afterwards, head further north towards Road Tow, Tortola. Here you will discover au-thentic local markets alongside a village hidden in the middle of this corner of paradise. Stay at anchorage here for your final night of charter.

Itinerary BVI For Charter Yacht

8. Ginger Island - Tortola

Enjoy a final breakfast on board before sailing around Tortola to reach the Beef Island airport for disembarka-tion. Make the most of your final hours on your charter yacht by taking in the incredible views. Once arrived, say your goodbyes to your crew and do some final sou-venir shopping before heading home after an incredible Caribbean adventure.

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