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Kythnos yacht charter itinerary

1. Athen to Kythnos

Lying on the western part of the Cyclades, in the heart of the Aegean sea, Kythnos Greece is unarguably one of the most beautiful islands close to Athens. Its short distance from the Greek capital is the reason why it is seen as of the most popular city-break destinations. Kythnos island has some quaint villages, including Chora (the island’s capital), Driopida and Loutra. The villages stand out for their elegant architecture, strollable alleys, and laid-back atmosphere. Wandering around the picturesque villages, you’ll come across corners embellished with flowers, white-washed houses, traditional taverns, windmills, and fountains. The scenery is magical.


  • Katafiki Cave
  • Windmills in Hora
  • Mrs Floras’ alleyway
  • Kythnos’ thermal springs
  • Kythnos’ colourful underwater world
Syros yacht charter itinerary

2. Kythnos to Syros

With a location in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Syros Greece has amazing scenery that combines Cycladic and Venetian architecture. Just imagine whitewashed houses blending with colorful mansions and big churches, surrounded by Cycladic nature! Dreamy, right? Ermoupoli, the capital town of Syros, is an architectural gem! Hiking the hill above Ermoupoli, you’ll find the Catholic center of Syros, Ano Syros. While Ermoupoli boasts a Venetian beauty, Ano Syros is a typical Cycladic town with whitewashed houses and narrow alleys. Colorful mansions, neoclassical buildings, imposing orthodox churches and squares create the most postcard-like scenery


  • Cathedral of San Georgio
  • Try local cheeses
  • Fishing village Kini
  • Galissas beach
  • Apano Meria and Syros’ intoxicating sunset
Paros yacht charter itinerary

3. Syros to Paros / Antiparos

Paros is right up there as one of favorite Greek island destinations for many reasons, not least because of its idyllic location at the heart of the beautiful Cyclades group of Greek islands …but Paros definitely ticks lots of other boxes too! For those looking for traditional, charming and exceptionally photogenic villages with white washed houses and narrow stone streets, look no further than the picturesque village and fishing
port of Naoussa. The main town of Parikia, with its trademark windmill, where you will get your first impression of Paros.
Visiting Paros is the adjacent small island of Antiparos, a very picturesque and tranquil island located just off Paros. The charming streets here are lined with shops and offer a good choice of cafes and restaurants. Moreover, Antiparos has some beautiful sandy beaches, which include Psaraliki, Soros, Kampos, Glyfa, Apantima, Agios Spyridonas and Monastiria


  • Parikia village
  • Lefkes village
  • Monastery of Panagia Ekatontapiliani
  • Agios Ioannis Detis church
Ios yacht charter itinerary

4. Paros / Antiparos to Los

Its ideal location in the heart of the Aegean sea may be enough to convince you of its beauty, but Ios has become a summertime favorite for several reasons other than its breathtaking landscape! Stroll around the cobblestone alleys of Chora, the capital town... Climb up to Odysseus Elytis theater to marvel at a breathtaking sea view... Watch the sun setting in the horizon from Panagia Gremiotissa church… Visit Homer’s grave, one of the island’s most significant historical monuments… In any case, this charming Cycladic island is a multidimensional destination!
As for its beaches, they are, hands down, some of the best beaches in the Cyclades! Make sure to head to  Mylopotas, Gialos and Manganari to swim in crystal-clear waters


  • Homer’s Tomb
  • Odysseas Elytis Theatre
  • Archaeological site of Skarkos
Folegandros yacht charter itinerary

5. Los to Folegandros

Folegandros is an island of incredible natural beauty located between Paros and Santorini. Despite its proximity to two of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands, Folegandros has a very different style. Relatively un touched by international tourists, Folegandros island still manages to keep its unspoiled charm. On a hill above Chora sits the beautiful whitewashed Panagia church, the trademark of the island. From Panagia church, you can marvel at the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and watch the sun falling into the horizon line, painting the white houses of the village in the shades of gold...Pure bliss!


  • Chora village
  • Kastro (castle)
  • Ascend the Church of Panagia
Kimolos yacht charter itinerary

6. Folegandros to Polyegos / Kimolos

Poliegos is the largest uninhabited island of the Aegean, Its natural pool-like beaches make it a distinct destination for travelers! Its large white cliffs form many bays and caves and anchorages and natural wind-protected spots, ideal for yachts searching for secluded spots to pass the night at. It is now considered to be one of the top destinations among shipowners. Superyachts and lavish yachts arrive constantly during summer and search for the best spot to anchor and unload sea toys, jet skis and more!

Kimolos is a beautiful Cycladic island with a picturesque atmosphere. Its peaceful atmosphere and natural landscape make it a great destination for relaxing holidays, away from the hustle and bustle of other more touristy Cycladic islands. The island’s biggest gems are without doubt its beaches


  • Chorio village
  • Agios Georgios Beach
  • Venetian Castle in Kimolos
Milos yacht charter itinerary

7. Polyegos / Kimolos to Milos

Milos is an island in the Cyclades, shaped by its volcanic past to offer its visitors incredible beaches and an exotic beauty unlike any other island in Greece. The highlights of Milos seem endless: Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, with their white rock formations, emerald green waters and caves eroded by the sea, are steeped in stories of pirates. But they are rivalled by early Christian catacombs, an array of beaches and the multicoloured settlements of Klima, Emborios and Mandrakia, with their quaint buildings cut into the cliffs and Plaka’s sun sets. And let’s not forget that this is where the Venus de Milo (the exquisite life-sized marble statue believed to be the goddess Aphrodite, now housed in the Louvre) was discovered. All of these cry out in unison: Amongst all the incredible islands of Greece, Milos is unique.


  • Lunar landscape of Sarakiniko
  • Natural pool of the Papafragas Caves
  • Historic Plaka and Tripiti
Milos yacht charter itinerary 1

8. Polyegos / Kimolos to Milos ((tour around the island))

((tour around the island))

Milos is an island where experiences come on an epic scale – beaches, colours, cliffs and bays. But there’s also a quiet and authentic side to enjoy in the villages and fish tavernas

Sifnos yacht charter itinerary

9. Milos to Sifnos

Boasting its authentic Cycladic architecture, Sifnos island is dotted with cubic whitewashed houses, over 300, beautiful churches, dovecotes, and little earthenware shops. The island oozes a fairytale charm that makes it feel like it’s a world away from the mainland! What it is mostly famous for is its gastronomy! Home to the famous Greek chef Nikolaos Tselementes, Sifnos has undoubtedly amazing food! You can taste the yummy local recipes, such as capper salad, chickpea soup, and mastelo at its excellent restaurants and taverns.

One of the best things to do there is to visit its quaint villages, especially if you want to experience the es sence of the island. Kastro, Artemonas and the capital town Apollonia are total musts!


  • kastro village
  • Church of Seven Martyrs
  • Chrissopigi Monastery
Serifos yacht charter itinerary

10. Sifnos to Serifos

Some islands remain essentially unchanged. Serifos, in the Cyclades, is one of them, a wonderful holiday destination for those looking for something above and beyond a glittery facade. The landscape on Serifos changes with the light. If you like rugged countryside, you’ll be impressed by the wonderful shapes nature has sculpted into the hillsides and around the island are beaches with blue-green waters. Meanwhile, in the port of Livadi, memories of older, more innocent times will come flooding back. And then there’s Serifos’ main town, a vision in brilliant white cascading down a conical hill and one of the most beautiful to gaze upon in the Cyclades.


  • Cycladic charm of Hora
  • Old mines in Mega Livadi
  • Sunrise from Hora
  • Monastery visit and wine-tasting
Hydra yacht charter itinerary

11. Serifos to Hydra

The charming atmosphere of the island has seduced many international jet setters and has been a retreat for famous personalities, such as Leonard Cohen, Maria Callas, Aristotle Onassis and many more! Elegant stone mansions, narrow alleys, donkeys walking around, churches, little shops, and a picturesque water front set the scene of an island fairytale! Given that there are no cars in Hydra and people usually get around by foot, the island’s roads are not clogged with traffic and fumes.

One of the best things to do in Hydra is to visit its museums. The Byzantine Museum, the Historical Archive Museum, the Post-Byzantine Art and History Museum and the National Historical Museum are some of the best museums to visit!


  • Kaminia village
  • Hydra Town
  • Vlichos beach
Spetses yacht charter itinerary

12. Hydra to Spetses

Luxury and local tradition coexist on the beautiful island of Spetses, a favourite of captains and fashionistas. Horse-drawn carriages, bicycle and walking will be your only modes of transport on Spetses – all the better to enjoy the well-kept captains’ mansions below Agios Nikolaos Monastery, the boatyards and Bouboulina’s Museum. And of course the ambience of the legendary Poseidon Hotel near the port, which has hosted royalty, politicians and dignitaries. Spetses has long been a favourite escape for high society, as reflected in the smart cafes, art stores and stylish boutiques.
Spetses was the second-biggest shipping centre in Greece? In the heart of the Old Harbour, the boatyards are sure to impress you. You can still watch the builders practise their craft in time-honoured fashion. At the end of your stroll, under the lighthouse, you’ll find the work of acclaimed Greek sculptor Natalia Mela gazing out at the Argosaronic Gulf.


  • Old harbour of Spetses
  • Museum of Bouboulina
  • Armata Festival
Poros yacht charter itinerary

13. Spetses to Poros

Built on a hillside, Poros Town is one of the most picturesque capitals of the Aegean sea islands. Poros town is the center of the island’s activity, as the array of traditional taverns and Poros restaurants located along its seafront promenade come alive when the sun goes down, attracting vacationers from all over the world! In ancient times the island was believed to be the home of Poseidon, and the vestiges of a sanctuary to the god can be found commanding the north coast from a hill.


  • Love Bay
  • Temple of Poseidon
  • Monastery of Zoodohos Pighi
Sounio yacht charter itinerary

14. Poros to Sounio and Sounio to Athens

Certainly, the major reason for visiting Cape Sounio is to explore the 444BC Temple of Poseidon, Sounio’s crowning gem, with its soaring columns and a startlingly spanning vista from where one’s gaze dives dizzyingly down to the sea. The temple is designed according to Sacred Geometry and mystics say it is positioned exactly under four stars that are the “portals of the Universe.” It comes as no surprise its ambiance is mesmerizing, which is why visionaries such as Lord Byron, who carved his name on one of the temple’s doorposts, found so much inspiration here.

Disembarking in Athen

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