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Cathedral and La Almudaina Palace in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

1. Palma De Mallorca to Cabrera and from Cabrera to Es Trenc

One of the most famed beaches in the whole of Mallorca, Es Trenc sweeps along the southern coast -stretching on for seven kilometers. An oasis of white powder dunes and iridescent turquoise hues, there’s a lot to love about Es Trenc. Not only is Es Trenc an idyllic escape for those charter guests seeking sand and sea, but the dunes that back the beach are also known for being a popular breeding ground for birds. With an emphasis on space and serenity, there are no watersports here meaning that your gentle snorkel won’t be interrupted by anything more than a ripple.

Camp de Mar mallorca yacht charter destination

2. Es Trenc to Cala Mondrago and from Cala Mondrago to Porto Petro

Awake to the gentle sway of the yacht and set course for the enchanting Cala Mondrago. Drop anchor in this picturesque cove, inviting you to immerse yourself in its breathtaking beauty.

Cala Mondragó is a small sandy beach located on the southwest coast of Mallorca in the municipality of Santanyí, within the natural park of Mondragó. This beautiful beach is well protected from the waves, the natural entrance of the coast where it is barely allows the arrival of waves. Its seabed is mainly sandy and in the surroundings we find some areas with rocks and marine vegetation.

As night falls, navigate to Porto Pedro and secure a mooring buoy. Bask in the serenity of the night, surrounded by the tranquil sounds of the sea.

There are a number of restaurants and bars distributed along the harbour’s edge serving local and Mediterranean cuisine. The seafront of Porto Petro contains a small harbour full of yachts and fishing vessels, and is home to the Real Club Nàutic de Portopetro as well as a departure point for some boat trips visiting the local area.

Portocolom destination yacht charter

3. Porto Petro to Punta des Moro and from Punta des Moro to Portocolom

Calo des Moro is an incredibly beautiful beach situated deep inside a bay with sheer cliffs. It is a small beach, but the 40 metres of beach is covered with fine-grained and bright sand. The water is crystal clear with the most beautiful turquoise shades. Perfect for a swim between the high cliffs.

There are no water sports activities, but the bay is perfect for a swim and for snorkelling.

The sleepy fishing village of Portocolom is an idyllic destination on the south-east caost of Mallorca. The Old Town is famous for its untouched natural treasures and important historical sights such as the Church of Sant Jaume I and the old harbour. One of the most beautiful fishing villages on the island, with a fascinating historical past.

This ex-fishing port once played a vital role in supplying wine to France, until the phylloxera plague eradicated many of Mallorca’s vineyards. As well as having a strong trade’s history, Christopher Columbus was (supposedly) born in this very town, so it’s no wonder its nautical roots are still very much present.


4. Portocolom to Cala Vella and from Cala Vella to Puerto Portals

It belongs to the municipality of Llucmajor, it is one of the wonders of this island, this cove has no access by land and can only be reached by sea. It is located in the middle of the natural reserve, it has small coves with sand and rock. When you immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters you can enjoy the beauty of the place and observe all its marine fauna under the sea.

Choose between the convenience of the marina or the serenity of anchoring. Indulge in the vibrant ambiance, fine dining, and luxury amenities the area has to offer.

Puerto Portals is one of the hottest marinas southwest of Mallorca, Puerto Portals has long been a pull for the rich and famous making it a sublime spot for celeb watching. For those looking to sneak away from the paparazzi flashes, you can hit up the beach of Playa Punta Portals where turquoise waters and calm vibes ease you into the ebb and flow of Mallorca's softer side.

View of the lighthouse of formentor in palma de mallorca

5. Puerto Portals to Palma De Mallorca

Bid adieu to Puerto Portals and enjoy a delightful onboard breakfast as you sail towards Palma. Make a final stop en route for a revitalizing swim, embracing the last moments of your Mediterranean adventure. Arrive in Palma by noon, concluding your unforgettable yacht charter with cherished memories of coastal splendor.

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