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Marinas are the perfect investment in leisure property and infrastructure. With a growing stock of boats and a limited supply of berth, the fundamentals of the industry suggest marinas are a compelling investment.


Marine Project is the only marina management company that offers individually designed marina management programs.
These programs include pre-approved financing, guaranteed monthly payments or performance based income.
In addition, you may be eligible for substantial tax benefits. Marine Project helps you make an informed decision
and helps with a planned for maximum resale value of your marina to a institutional Investor.


Do you want to invest in marinas?
Acquisition structure and strategy for marina Investors

The acquisition of a marina, or participation in public tenders to acquire it, requires proof of qualification in the marina management sector and proof of financial capacity to successfully operate a marina. The structure and strategy outlined below achieve both for our Investors – Marine Project’s required experience and the investor’s financial capability are combined to meet these basic requirements for the purchase of a marina.

  • Marine Project acts as a consultant, SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), and business (marina) developer.
  • Marine Project identifies suitable acquisition candidates and secures the acquisition of the target marina.
  • After the transaction, Marine Project takes over the interim management of the marina as a consulting company.
  • After a successful takeover and mostly necessary transformation or optimization of the marina, it is resold to a suitable investor.
Investment Committee

Investing in Marina Business
Why Marinas are Attractive Investments?

If you’ve been following the marina industry, you may have noticed a surge in marinas changing hands at a rapid pace.
What was once considered a complex business with multiple facets and challenges to understand,
is now attracting investors due to its lucrative and booming market potential.

One of the key reasons for this increased interest is the transformation of marinas from traditional mom-and-pop operations to modern resort-like complexes with full-service amenities that cater to high-end boaters. Marina owners have recognized the evolving demands of the new generation of boaters who seek pristine facilities and top-notch services, and have invested in upgrading their properties accordingly. This means that investors can now find marinas that require minimal renovation and repair efforts, making it an attractive investment option.
Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has shed a spotlight on boating as a perfect recreational escape that allows for safe social distancing, communing with nature, and quality family time. As a result, there has been a significant surge in boat sales in the past two seasons, with a continued interest in boating. This translates to a potentially endless supply of customers for marinas, making it a promising investment opportunity.

Another driving factor for investor interest is the limited availability of waterfront spaces for building new marinas. As a result, existing marinas are being bought and sold, but not newly built. With a saturated marina market and a rising interest in boating, it’s likely that marina slips will remain close to 100% occupied, and the associated businesses will thrive. Furthermore, waterfront land, on which marinas are located, holds a timeless appeal, adding to the long-term investment value.

When it comes to numbers, marinas have shown consistent high cap rates (the rate of return on investment) over the past decade, while cap rates for other types of investment properties have declined. Typically, marina values are assessed based on their income, and marinas are currently trading in the competitive cap rates up to 16%. This indicates that marinas are not only a real estate investment but also a business investment. Marina investors also benefit from accelerated depreciation, making it an attractive option compared to other asset types such as multifamily, retail, office, and self-storage.

In the past, marinas were often compared to storage facilities, primarily for boats. However, modern marinas offer a wide range of business opportunities under one roof. The potential for profit centers within a marina property is vast, with options ranging from boat brokers, restaurants, and repair services to boat rentals, winter or paddleboat storage, and even a boat club. These additional revenue streams can be easily integrated into current accounting and operating systems with the help of advanced technology for marina operations and management.

In conclusion, marina ownership offers significant benefits that outweigh the risks, making it an attractive investment opportunity.
If you’re ready to ride the tide of the boating boom and invest in a marina, contact us.
We have the expertise, tools, and information to guide you in this industry that has been a part of our daily lives for decades.
Invest in a marina business today and capitalize on its lucrative potential.

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