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Marina Management from A-Z
One of the cornerstones of the Marine Project Group’s many years of success is its holistic approach to consultancy. While most marina consultants consider the process to be over with the delivery of theoretical recommendations, Marine Project offers sustainable marina support and operational implementation of turnover-optimising or cost-saving measures in all relevant functional areas to fully accompany the entire implementation process. Whether it is a question of realising selective potential for increasing the operating result, laying the foundation for a successful marina opening and market positioning or giving loss-making marinas a new basis for sustainable economic operation – a competent team of marina consultants with many years of experience from numerous projects is at your side.
Marina Interim management

Marina Interim Management

Marine Project takes over the marina management abroad for a limited period of time. The Marine Project head office selects the competent marina management team for the respective operation, controls the measures to be implemented and uses cost-optimizing synergy effects to bring the operation to a permanent solution. A plan of action presents the marina management team’s approach transparently at all times. The goal of the assignment is the success-oriented continuation and long-term increase in the value of the marina business.

  • Rapid implementation of yield-increasing measures
  • Creation of transparency in all relevant areas
  • Cost advantages through purchasing negotiations with the yachting supply industry as well as the possibility to use Marine Project special conditions
  • Increased chances of securing cash flow through high acceptance of Marine Project by credit institutions and other investors
  • Improved turnover and image through the continuous optimization process
  • Better negotiating position for the potential exit
  • Accurate cost planning due to time-limited, needs-based mandate

Clients: owners, credit institutions, insolvency, and forced administrators

Target: exit through sale, lease or optimized return

Pre-opening marina management​

In the pre-opening phase, the focus is on business aspects as well as strategic and concrete operational elements. Steps relevant to the project include, for example, determining the pre-opening budget, implementing a detailed marketing plan, and acquiring staff. Contracts are negotiated, permits obtained and future prices calculated. Even difficult locations are successfully guided through the marina pre-opening phase by Marine Project.

  • The high rate of error elimination in the marina pre-opening or realization phase
  • Avoidance of costs jeopardizing the project due to subsequent investments
  • Optimal space planning as a basic prerequisite for efficient operations

Clients: owners, credit institutions, operators, investors

Goal: Strategic positioning of the business in the yachting-tourism sector

Marina market launch management​

During the marina market launch, the strategic positioning of the business already established in the pre-opening phase must be put into practice. Generating yacht occupancy is the focus of this phase. The experienced staff of the Marine Project Head Office steers the measures to be implemented, uses cost-optimizing synergy effects, and selects the competent management responsible for the operational management of the marina operation.

  • Competitive advantage due to the professional introduction to the nautical industry and the integration of the marina into the Marine Project sales and marketing system
  • Cost optimization through tight marina cost management and use of Marine Project special conditions
  • Professional management and implementation of measures based on many years of experience as operators of marinas in difficult situations and/or challenging locations

Clients: owners, investors, operators, insolvency and forced administrators, funds

Goal: Successful introduction of the hotel into the tourism industry

Management consultant vs. Marine Project Marina Interim Manager​

Marina investors like to draw on the knowledge and experience of Marina experts in difficult situations. However, there is often uncertainty as to whether a management consultant or an interim manager is the man or woman of the hour. Questions about strategy, operational business and functional tasks repeatedly land on the desks of management consultants as well as Marina interim managers. So when do I use a management consultant, when an interim manager?

  • The consultant brings in external knowledge, provides concepts and methods to work out a problem solution for the client.
  • The interim manager intervenes in the day-to-day operations and takes responsibility for implementation.
  • Consultants and interim managers are similar in that they take on tasks that do not routinely occur in companies, but are rather the exception.
  • Consultants and interim managers are brought in when company-specific knowledge is less in demand than cross-company and cross-sector know-how.

But the two differ in one respect:

  • Consultants design processes that are open-ended. What is the problem, how can it be solved in principle?
  • The Marine Project Interim Manager solves the problem! That is the goal of his assignment, fixed from the outset.
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