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Expand into new markets
with Marine Project​
Increase your revenues by developing new customer segments and building your presence in new territories
Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

is essential for a profitable marina business​

Markets change, and the way customers find marinas also changes over time. Customer segments can decline slowly or even suddenly, so you need different segments to protect your marina business for the future.

If they have always relied on the same segments and channels, Marinas may also be missing out on additional revenue streams.

Marinas don’t have the scale

to justify dedicated resources​

Developing new channels means working with sailing associations, yacht brokers, charter bookers, online channels, and corporate customers. International trade fairs are the ideal opportunity to develop networks and relationships with partners who can bring business from other countries but these are expensive and take valuable time to attend. Online channels require a large supply of berth and marina moorings to justify creating flash sales, which individual marinas are too small to provide. Corporate customers (regatta organizer) require a range of locations and a minimum number of berth to make it worthwhile for them.

perfect partner

Huge experience

Our sales team has huge experience in generating business for marinas in Europe and beyond. By combining the strength of our many partner marinas, we can justify the costs of attending trade shows, and have big enough scale for online channels to want to work with us. We understand what corporate customers need and can guide marins to set up pricing and contracts which are appropriate for the corporate market.

Working with us is successful​

we create a strategy together with the marina.

As the first step, we create a strategy together with the marina. After that, we do all the work of meeting potential customers and suppliers.

Whenever we establish some potential new business, whether an individual boater or stream of regular individual boaters, we consult with the marina to make sure that the price and volume fit with their overall demand. We then help with finalizing the pricing and putting in place contracts.

In agreement with marina partners, Marine Project also proposes flash sales opportunities and supports with implementation, for example designing promotional materials for an online partner and making adjustments to the marina website.

Marinas can concentrate on giving great service at the marina, knowing that Marine Project is working to bring more customers for the future.

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