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Marina Investment | Green field

Type of sale: Green Field Project
Marina greenfield project: Design and build a marina from scratch. Each state publishes areas on which new construction of a marina is possible in principle. Marine Project develops new marinas in these locations. We prepare all relevant documents for investors until the final marina concession. This marina concession is then put out to public tender. Our clients and investors have the best chance to win the competition.


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Do you have a marina concession to re-award? Marine Project will publish your tender on our website. More participants means higher competition and higher bids. With higher revenues from the marina concession you can rehabilitate your schools and kindergartens, the higher revenues benefit everyone. We publish your tender free of charge for the benefit of your residents.


Green Field Project Marina Luka Olib
Luka Olib, Croatia

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Location potential

Zadar, a historic city on the coast of Croatia, has its sights set on expanding its nautical tourism offerings with the proposed Marina Olib. This strategic development is detailed in the spatial plan of Zadar Castle, heralding the potential for enhanced maritime experiences in the region.
Marina Olib benefits from its idyllic location along the Adriatic Sea.

Situated within the confines of Zadar’s captivating coastal landscape, this marina is poised to provide visitors with unparalleled access to Croatia’s stunning maritime beauty. The clear, azure waters of the Adriatic beckon to water enthusiasts, promising unforgettable moments at sea.

The spatial plan that governs Marina Olib underscores the importance of precise boundary definitions and urban planning measures. However, it is noteworthy that the plan does not explicitly indicate the need for an Urban Development Plan (UPU) for this area. Should this location be chosen for development, a meticulous analysis will be essential to ensure that all aspects align with regulatory requirements and best practices.

Marina Olib stands as a testament to Zadar’s commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. This development aims to enhance the city’s reputation as a premier maritime destination while preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the coastal environment.

Project description

Marina Olib represents a significant step in Zadar’s efforts to expand its nautical tourism infrastructure. As envisioned in the spatial plan of Zadar Castle, this marina project embodies a commitment to safety, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

Central to the project is the creation of secure and efficient mooring facilities. The precise definition of boundaries and adherence to urban planning measures are paramount, ensuring that Marina Luka Olib aligns with the highest standards. These measures contribute to the safety of vessels, visitors, and the coastal environment.

The marina’s design is an embodiment of modernity while respecting the natural beauty that surrounds it. Striking a harmonious balance between development and environmental conservation is a priority. The plan outlines a draft depth of 3 to 5 meters, accommodating various vessel sizes and types while maintaining accessibility.

Marina Olib aspires to be a destination that offers visitors an intimate and exclusive experience. While the spatial plan does not explicitly require a UPU, a thorough analysis will be conducted to ensure all development aspects comply with regulations.
In summary, Marina Olib’s development underscores Zadar’s commitment to responsible tourism and sustainable coastal progress. This project aims to create a remarkable maritime destination that captivates visitors with its stunning coastal surroundings, authentic maritime experiences, and unwavering dedication to infrastructure and service quality. With its potential, Marina Luka Olib stands as a beacon of opportunity for nautical tourism enthusiasts

Project realization model

The construction and commercial use of the Olib nautical tourism port, i.e. the maritime property, is granted in concession for a period of 30 years, counting from the day of the conclusion of the concession contract. The concessionaire will be selected based on a public tender announced by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure. Preparatory activities are being carried out for the purpose of calling for a public call for tenders for the award of a concession on maritime property.

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