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Marinas & Waterfront development

Marine Project, a specialized international marina design consultant, offers a variety of services to the marina and real estate industries that encompass every facet of marina design and waterfront development. Marine Project has the expertise and resources to significantly improve any project, from master planning to operational management, from marina design to feasibility studies.

Private developers, business entities, and governmental entities that are involved in marina and waterfront development around the world can turn to Marina Project for impartial, unbiased guidance.

We’ll Handle Everything

Discover the possibilities of your waterfront development with our comprehensive range of services.

Marine Project Idea & Vision

Professional analysis transforms an initial idea into a clear and viable vision, supported by a thorough understanding of the necessary components for successful execution. This involves in-depth assessments, market trend analysis, feasibility evaluations, and consideration of factors like budget, resources, and timelines.

Market Analysis & Trends

Our team conducts comprehensive feasibility studies and market assessments, offering valuable insights into the viability of incorporating leisure and commercial marine facilities. These studies provide clear guidance on the potential for various options, including the creation of a new marina design or the enhancement of existing assets.

Concept & Planning

If you're embarking on the creation of a marina, regardless of its scale, it is crucial to grasp the essential concepts and plan meticulously to ensure the project's triumph. If you're currently exploring the topic of marina design and seeking proficient guidance in marina planning, covering everything from fundamental principles to intricate design and infrastructure, you've come to the right place.

Design Solutions

The initial phase of the design process involves clearly defining the client's vision and aspirations for the development. This entails combining market opportunities and site conditions to establish a distinct objective for the marina and waterfront development.

Tender & Project Management

Marine Project places great emphasis on timely and cost-effective project completion. Our team of skilled tender and project managers diligently supervise every stage of waterfront development. This includes offering guidance on site and survey prerequisites, selecting appropriate products, and organizing and harmonizing the project team.

Permits & Approvals

We offer comprehensive services to facilitate the acquisition of permits and approvals during the planning, design, and engineering stages. We work closely with government authorities, private stakeholders, and clients to ensure all necessary authorizations are obtained. Our expertise enables us to navigate the unique requirements and regulations specific to each project's location, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Realisation & Operations

We specialize in the management and operation of marina and boatyard assets for a diverse range of private and corporate clients. With our expertise in operational management, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs, providing customized solutions to enhance your business.

Property Consultancy Services

Our extensive knowledge and experience in marinas and waterfront developments are leveraged to support clients in property consultancy, encompassing property acquisition, obtaining infrastructure development consents, and safeguarding assets from external development impacts.

from start to finish

We provide comprehensive project planning and management services that encompass the entire journey of your marina project, starting from approved plans all the way through the tender process to the successful completion of the marina.

Ready to move?

Our dedicated team of experienced marina specialists will collaborate with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that your unique requirements are met from the initial stages to the final completion of the marina.

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