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Marine Project is Partner of Yachtworld Co-Brokerage

Yachtworld is the world’s largest marketplace for yachts on the Internet.
Perhaps you have already come across it during your search because there owners and brokers advertise the yachts they want to sell.

For yacht buyers:

We at Marine Project, as a partner of Yachtworld Co-Brokerage, have constant access to the latest yachts. The Marine project is getting all Yachtdatas in-Time and automatically from Yachtworld and BoatWizard. On this way, you will always find the most attractive offers on our website We use this advantage for you as our customer. And even if you don’t find the yacht you are looking for right away on our site, no problem! Tell us your wishes and we will start our search. We contact the sellers for you, clarify all the questions you have, and make you appropriate offers. This service is absolutely free for you. Because commissions are always paid by the seller and if necessary divided between brokers and co-brokers.

Relationship Broker – Co-Broker

For Brokers:

The joint marketing of a yacht, called co-brokerage, is common.
One broker offers the yacht for sale, another, the so-called co-broker, may have the customer. Many advertisers on Yachtworld also take advantage of this opportunity.

If as a Broker do not wish this, you must do without this option on the Yachtworld/BoatWizard website.

Available for Co-Brokerage

A mutual agreement to split the commission between two brokerage firms, for a sale completed by two firms. Traditionally the Listing Agent (firm with the signed agreement with the seller to offer boat) & the Selling Agent (firm representing a buyer with a signed Purchase & Sales Agreement) cooperate to sell either a Central/Exclusive or an Open/Non-Exclusive listing. “Available for co-brokerage” does not bind you to co-broker with every broker, nor to any specific commission or commission split.

Advantage Marine Project – And you

As a customer, you don’t have to worry about whether and where a yacht appears on the Internet.
As soon as you work with us, Marine Project will be your contact.
We guide you through the whole process up to the successful purchase and look after you also beyond that.

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