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We will find the right berth for your yacht.

Benefit from attractive prices and budget-friendly marina prices when planning and booking yacht trips.
Even the best marinas are not always busy and at certain times offer water and dry dock for yachts that are below the usual price. With the 1st mooring agency, we as a yacht agency offer you the opportunity to benefit from these attractive, reduced prices when planning your trip and to accommodate your boat particularly cheaply. Come with us to the “Berth Trade” and take budget-friendly marinas and offers from marinas into account when planning.

Change of territory or berth made easy.

Currently there are many migratory movements of yacht owners. Due to the drastic increase of taxes of all kinds in Croatia and Greece, many yacht owners have set off for new shores. The political unrest in Turkey has also prompted owners to change their territory. The possibility to move one’s “home” is a big advantage compared to a holiday home. Thereby, many owners often change directly from the eastern to the western Mediterranean Sea. The berth change brings new momentum and all new possibilities for your boat life.

When thinking about a berth change, you should proceed purposefully and plan the transfer or the transport in time. You should contact many marinas in the new area in advance and check their prices and availability. Let them prepare offers for moorings for you. Ask for discounts, e.g. for ADAC membership. Let them also give you the prices for yacht and motor service. At the mooring inquiry you should also ask for the amount of taxes and levies in the area.

When servicing the boat there are some things to consider, which can vary from marina to marina. In many marinas it is not possible to work on your own boat, often the insurance cover is mentioned. This can increase the cost of maintenance. Also the grinding and painting of antifouling is prohibited in many cases, or only permitted against a payment of 100 – 150€ per day to the marina or shipyard. Also the access of companies in shipyards has to be arranged in advance. Often the shipyards are leased by the marina operator and the tenant does not allow any outside companies on his premises, or only against an extra fee.

You can find out more about the conditions for boat owners on our page on the district pages.

As far as boat papers are concerned, the rules are more or less the same in all areas. You should keep a proof of ownership, a VAT certificate as well as an insurance and boat certificate, a flag certificate and a ship’s letter on board.

On our site you will find a lot of information on marinas, berths, prices and yacht habits.

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